Jadis JA30 for Wilson Cubs?

Has anyone tried the Jadis ja30 monoblocks with the Wilson Cubs? if you have or not, i would be pleased if someone could comment on weather they would match good or not. i wonder if they will have enough power to make the Cubs sound good. im new to tube amps. the cubs: 94db/w,4ohms.
I have a set of JA30s'. They will drive most anything out there. Don't let their 30 watt rating fool you. They do bass better than my JA200s'. I use them on my woofer stacks which is a 2 ohm load with no signal going to them and they never clip. They are great little amps and cheap to keep.
thank you for your answer. i see you have Electrocompaniet DAC. i come from Norway where they are made. have you ever tested the EC aw180 monoblocks? i love their sound, but used on the Wilson cubs the bass is no good. maybe the ja30 does better.
I've never tried their amps. I have wanted to try the Nemos but I really don't think they would better my JA200s.Do you own JA 30s? If you do you are lucky, if you don't and can swing the price, do it. I get the itch to replace them every now and then. What ever I have compared them to falls short. The 30s have much better bass than my 200s.
hey. no i dont own them. im trying to get the price over here, but no shop will give it to me.. not in Norway or Sweden. very smart sales trick, dont you think? Nemos are very good, but the 180 is more for the money, and seems to have a soul compared. i hear the EC stuff cost about 3 times the Norwegian price over there.. maybe the same effect on the Jadis(cheaper here, since they come from Europe). i read somewhere the ja30 is designed to give full power at 15hrtz. i dont know if thats common for tube equipment,..if not theres the explanation for your good bass experiance.
That's because there is no real dealer network for Jadis anymore. The US importer is no longer the importer anymore. You should try http://www.pierregabriel.com
This is the only impoter for all of North America now. He is in Canada.

I have the jadis Ja80 en they drive my Wilson Watt-puppy 5.1. there is no problem, the sound is great (better then a Krell KSA 300s) wich i had before.

I've owned the JA-30's and JA-80's (for 10+ years) on Quad's and Wilson WP 3/2. The JA-30's will be underpowered for your system from my past experience. You will not get the type of musical dymanics that your Wilson's can produce. They might leave you wanting. So be very careful on this choice.

do you think a jp15+ 2 jca30 can run a quad or final speaker

is this a nice set ? i have now a JOR (kt90) and think of changing for the above set