Jadis JA 80 or DA88S -'to be or not to be'

I am planning to buy Jadis JA 80 or DA88S in one or two weeks. Can You help me which one to choose. I have newest dCS Puccini which has preamplifier built-in. I have listened to JA80 (controlled by dCS) and DA88 in dealer and I had an impression that JA-80 is more spacious, more natural but ad home I have only listened to DA88. Is it true that monoblock has 3D soundstage (it is very important for me) ? And what about cables ? I am thinking about higher level cables of Tara Labs (0,8 Onboard ?), Audioquest (Sky ?). Stereovox (SEI600?), Siltech or Fadel Art (Coherence ?). Is this true that silver cables better sound with tubes than copper.

Thanks for good people help
Darek, Poland
the JA 80 would be an excellent choice. Silver cables with tube gear are definetly NOT always better sounding. I would go with Stealth Indra cabling. Very expensive but also very neutral. You can find them sometimes here at lesser cost. Your impressions about the monos being more "spaceous" is correct.

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Thanks Detlof, unfortunately Stealth cables are in Europe very rare and in Poland as well. So I try just good cable not only silver.
Try some Anti-cables.Almost guaranteed to get money back if not happy.And lots of people are for a song.Good luck.Let us know if you need contact.Google should help or here,cheers,Bob
The Jadis JA80 are excellent amplifiers, IMHO better (and 50% more expensive) than the DA88s.
Although choice of cable depends on taste and system, during my Jadis days I asked Jean-Paul Caffi advice about cables and he suggested the XLO signature, that I tried and bought. I have seen the signature 1.1 and 5.1 being sold at very nice prices in Europe.
Microstrip is quite right! I had forgotten, but I had used the XLO signatures with Jadis with very good effect. Highly recommended. In fact they were only bettered by Purist much later, which again even more later I exchanged for Stealth with different gear then.
I know that the JA80 is better than the DA88S ...BUT you will need the matching preamp for your amp if you take the JA route - I tried to run a JA50 directly from the variable DAC output and it is just not the same....

The DA88 is a hell of an Integrated amp - I own the DA50S and is great too.

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If the author ended with JA80 monoblocks, here few considerations based on my experience:

I have tried JP80 preamplifier with JA80 monoblocks with different cables.

First, I have to mention that I have had problems with ground loop with this setup.

Both preamplifier and monoblocks are factory equipped with IEC main socket and three wired power cords to in theory each unit should be connected to the outlet with grounded power cord.

Internally ground wire is connected both to metal chassis of the monoblocks and preamplifier and to the mass of RCS outputs and inputs.

When I connected preamplifier with monoblocks using standard interconnects and supplied three wired power cords I ended with ground loop and audible hum in loudspeakers.
Following Jadis recommendations I lifted ground wire of monoblocks power cord and left three wired power cords with preamplifier as the most sensitive unit of the bunch.
The ground loop gone. In theory the monoblocks are still grounded through mass wire of the interconnects and through preamplifier.

Honestly I am not sure is it is so safe solution, because in the worst scenario during short circuit in monoblocks the thin mass wire in interconnects can act like a fuse and break and leave the chassis of the monoblocks still live and dangerous. But the hum was not acceptable so something I had to do. The other alternative was to leave all power cords with three wires connected and use two Jeansen ISO-MAX CI-1RR isolators between preamplifier and monoblocks, but again I am not sure if such isolators not affect the transient performance.

So after managing the ground loops I started to try many interconnects between preamplifier and monoblocks. I found that interconnects with bad shielding catches all environmental trashes.

I was really surprised how good in this place performed long time forgotten Van Den Hull interconnect The Second. It is not so respected cable I audiophile marked and probably not the level of Jadis equipment, but it worked perfect. Very good shielding and balanced construction removed any unwanted noise or hum. The midrange was silky and sweet with detailed but not harsh treble.

Now I am considering to try other VDH products including very famous some time ago The Third speaker cables based on carbon fibers.
The ground loop hum is caused by the loop closing between power ground wires and the mass wires as you state. Lifting the ground wires can be unsafe - if you disconnect the signal cables the chassis is no more grounded. Some manufacturers ground the chassis to the power ground using 47 ohm 5 watt power resistors - low enough to be safe and high enough to "break" the low resistance ground loop.