Jadis Integrated

Anyone know the differences and prices between the Jadis DA60 and the new DA88?
Ask Pierre Gabriel . I understand he is very accomodating and may surprise you. Also Trelja knows most of the differences Springbok might also help you. One thing I can say is if you get either you are getting a truly great amp. That is if some one hasn't tried to repair it or mod it themselves.
I have a JOR integrated with KT 90 tubes and it has put most of my high end separates to shame.
I understand from Pierre Gabriel that the DA 88 Signature has "a new design" with updated circuits and topolgy and is specifically designed for KT 88s. However, he makes it clear than it can play other tubes, including my favorite EL 34s. The DA 60 is designed for all and any of the output tubes. I have the DA 88, and it is still brand new, with about 100 hours on it. Nevertheless, it is dynamic, punchy, has brilliant soundstaging and is seemingly powerful way beyond its stated nominal 60 WPC.I have only used the stock KT 88s. (? origin of tubes - not disclosed by Jadis) So far, an incredibly impressive perfomer than makes my hair stand on end....
On the other hand, my friend Trelja thinks the same of his DA 60 with JJ EL34Ls......
The Jadis magic (I had the JOR and only sold it beacuse it isn't auto-biasing)is certainly there in spades. Only time will tell me - and maybe replacing the KT 88s with JJ E34Ls - whether it has the JOR's liquid midrange magic - but in all other respects, it reigns - dynamics, bass, musicality, PRAT, harmonious coherence - but I have not heard the DA 60.
My feeling is you cant err with either, and it certainly wont be put to shame by any separates I have ever heard.
For pricing, talk to Pierre.
I have heard thd DA-60 with both tubes the EL-34 and the KT 88s but not for very long with the KT-88s. I can tell you we did a tube shoout out of EL 34s and then stuck in a very good brand of KT-88 (not genelex), And the amp sounded terrible but they needed to be broken in, to be fair in every way. It was all high end or low end and the high end wasn't even as good as the El-34s. In fact I have even heard it with 6650s but the amp hadn't been tuned up yet.
Springbok, trust me get some blue glass JJ- -34Ls or even the new JJ kt-77, Quest for Sound carries both he is an A'Gon dealer and nice guy. and you will be even more delighted with this monumemental beautiful amp, good luck and congratulations on getting the DA-88.
I wish I could afford the price of entry and roll your input tubes as well. E-mail Trelja privately for the best inputs tube that amp. I know which ones to use, but don't want to start a frenzy for them in fact I got Trelja some of them indirectly thru my source and he gave me some most precious tubes you can possibly get, he is a really great guy.
I completely agree the amp seems nore powerful than the modest claim of 60 watts. Virtually every 4 tube amp claims at least 30-40 watts but this amp claims its a pentode like most of the 40 watt,4 tube amps, but this amp has a total of 8 tubes, 4 per channel.
Both yours and Trelja's have those impressively massive transformers. In fact they the biggest I have ever seen. It should typically produce 80- watts in pentode with EL-34s and easily 100wpc with the 6550s or KT-88s. I think it is choked literally and technically. I bet you bench testing would show a much higher output than it claims.
The clean power seems endless. It never bloats the bass and I can tell you this. Trelja and I like our music at faily high volumes not rididiculous but 90Db+ would not be unusual. Get both the EL 34s which make beautiful music or the guttier and bassier KT-77s they make that amp sound even more powerfull than the KT-88s. Good luck.
Thanks very much, Mechans. I have already changed the input tubes to vintage Mullard 4003 12AU7s and Sylvania 5751 Triple Mica Black gate vintage for 12AX7s. The JJ E34Ls are here but I wont try them until about 500 hours................will keep you posted!