JADIS DIGITAL..can find no reviews..anybody????

i'm sure there has to be at least one member here on the gon that owns one of the jadis..or at least has heard them...how compares to capitole and mephisto.
Hey tweek, there is a member here that had and sold his jadis digital, he and I exchanged a few private emails(all pleasant :) ) and I can't seem to find where I put them-our messages that is. I believe he was selling to upgrade his analog front end-he felt that the jadis is the best sounding digital he had heard but he just preferred analog. I haven't looked into this gear in a long time but isn't VERY expensive? I will keep looking but I don't think I am going to be able to find what his moniker is :(
btw I believe Bwhite posted some pictures of this unit-incredible looking piece!
Tweekerman, TAS brought out reviews, quite a time back. Unfortunatedly I don't recall when and which issues. That is all I know, I'm afraid. Cheers,
Hi Mr T.
Reviews: TAS Vol 19 Issue 101 and Vol 19 issue 100
of both JD-1 plus JS-1.

I'm sure it's nice sound. I'm hoping to find some used on the gon.However the new Vecteur D-2 is possibly within my budget + a used Jadis dac. Thanks for your help.