Jadis Defy 7 MkIV w/ KT 90's tweeks

Just wondered if anyone out there has any suggestions on what can really bring this Amp to life, ie; tubes, powercords, cables. Right now I'm using a Spectral preamp, Quad and Nestorovic speakers, Fadel Art spkr cable and Transparent interconnect. Don't get me wrong it sound very good but how could I get a little more transparency etc.
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Replace your transparent interconect. I have the same amp as you and had transparent ref cable. When i replaced it with kimber select 1030 it brought out missing detail and life espically in the vocals. Transparent has good bass but the mids and hight are somewhat dull. Also make sure you have 2 decated lines with 10 guage stranded wire going directly from your component to the fuse box with a decated (floting ground). This also helped alot (15-20%) improvement in my system. Good Luck, John
What Spectral preamp are you using ? I wonder-impedancewise-if Spectral/Defy is such a happy marriage, especially for the midrange, but then I may be wrong, I don't have the numbers available. I very much agree with 42659 about your Transparent interconnect. You could get in touch with the Cable Company, www.fatwyre.com, and get a Kimber, or a Spectral dedicated MIT ic for a home trial run. They are very helpful people, if you don't like the stuff, it will only cost you shipping, not more. Good Luck from me too!
OOps, Carey, I jsut realised this is an ancient thread! Should you stumble on it again, please let us know, how you solved the problem. Curious.
I had the "jEDI" amp too.. This is one of the better amps out there IMHO. Kudos to you.
I had best sound with Siltech FTM cable and I did use ESP power cord. I would like to suggest that you ged rid off Spectral and get CAT Signature MkIII or Ultimate.
This will do....Good luck
Holy mackerel,I got socks older than this thread. But I also got a Deffy 7 mk4. I got a cat3. I have heard a split down the middle on the kt90s, and this amp. I took my dealer's advice and went with the RM Labs 6550s I use Sy.Rea. ics and speaker wire. Active shielding box.A Top Gunn pc for the amp; a K.cobra. I also have what made "it" for me: the Custom Power Block. The 4 input front end only, device. This amp has large cjones ( sorry, wasn't a Spanish major)Everything listed,I added, one at a time/over a period of time. All made my 10Ts more alive/and More Alive.
Hi George, apart from that fact, that you are right about the punch of the Defy, come to think of it, I don't know how to spell "coxones" either. Perhaps some kind soul will enlighten us. But that is not he point of my post: What do you mean with "split down the middle" ? I'm asking, because I'm using a Defy too, the Mark I, mind you, with the KT 90s as well, but midrange coherence seems ok. Perhaps you can help me what to listen for. Can be that I'm inhaling too much soldering fumes and them ears are beginning to tin over....
Detlof, The split down the middle/for me/ meant I have heard both good and not too good ,on the kt90 in the mk4.Yes, I have taken some license on the 50/50 of it.(Just that I have heard pro and con.)I guess sometimes it's hard to pick a camp. I went against a factory recomendation;paid big bucks for kt88s on my Music Ref 9mk2;and wished I hadn't.( almost 800 /with driver tubes and shipping for the JJ 88s.) While I know I'm far from the last word in tubes;(read VERY far)I'm just relating some experiences I've had.
Duh, George, got it now...thanks, by the way, I think its spelled "cojones".
I originally owned Jadis Defy 7 MKI which used 6550 tubes and was happy with its performace for a few years. Last year I traded it in for MK4 which uses KT90 and found its performace much less satisfying than I had expected. The speed dropped condiderably, the images blurred, the bass became murky. After several tweakings with the dealer, we concluded it was the use of KT90 that degraded the sound. We finally ended up with installing G.E. 6550 tubes in place of KT90 ; that improved the sound tremendously. Also,further improvements were obtained by placing metal cones beneath the amp, which dramatically cleaned up the sound and sharpened the images. Try these methods, if you may,and see what degree of "Transparency" and "Aliveness" you can enhance for your music.
Andy, I compared my Defy 7 Mk I with GE 6550 Tubes and the KT 90. Speakers were Quads, cabling by nordost. The 6550's were nice, images sharp and stable, with the KT 90 as well, but they gave a tad more punch, speed and dynamics. That's the Mark I mind you. By the way, I've placed the Jadis on a slab of granite with three metal cones underneath the amp. Cheers
Sorry I've forgotten all about this thread. Sold the amp and preamp. Bought the JPS 2 and a pair of Nestorovic Amps. Love it. Will probably put another Jadis amp back in later on.