Jadis Defy 7 IV vs. Conrad Johnson Premier 12

I recently heard a Defey 7 IV that I was impressed with. I have not heard the CJ Premier 12, but it received excellent reviews for having solid well defined bass,
good high frequency extension, and quickness. I would appreciate hearing your comparisons and experiences with these two amps.
All the best,
I own the Premier 12's and I think they are a keeper. They are simply amazing, and drive my power hungry Aerial LR 5's beautifully. They are also usually very underpriced.
i think you should consider one of the earlier defy 7 amps, either the original or mark 2 versions.

i would opt for that amp over any conrad johnson amp, except the cj mv125.
Having owned the Defy 7mk4 and my next amp was the CJPrem.5---Well the Jadis was harsh in comparison.
Ok, I know nothing of the 12. It's just my opinion that the Jadis is and easy target; much like the lower versions from Audio Research. I also prefer the sound of EL34's vs. 6550's ---Then factor user biasing on the CJ's--Sure not everybody may share my tastes;I expect that.BTW I now have the big-dog 8's in XS form.(EL34's)