Jadis DAC


Does anyone have experience with Jadis digital analog converters? I am interested in purchasing a second hand js2 mk3. I would like to hear an opinion about the quality of the DACs from this French manufacturer. I’m interested in a tube converter, will play with Marten Miles 5 speakers and ASR Emmiter amplification.

How does their performance compare to Lampizator, Metronome, etc ...




@rony_k There are a hundred reasons why you shouldn't buy it, but if you like DACs with valves go ahead.

You should really listen to it first and compare it to a current model DAC with and without tubes.

It most likely will have a warm, romantic mid-range that sounds wonderful but in reality is totally unrealistic.

Horses for courses.

Jadis DACs are generally highly regarded.  If I recall, they use ESS chips which can be a little cold/bright and the combination of that chip with a tube stage can be really awesome.  

I don't know if that model is going to be dramatically better than something like the Canor DAC 2.10, but it will be a lovely unit.