Jadis DA88S mkii integrated

Anyone have it? Anyone heard it? Jacob Heilbrunn gave it a strong review in TAS in 2015, but there hasn’t been much out there since. Very curious about A’goner opinions.
really don't hear much about jadis anymore... they were one of the truly great tube amp brands 

i see from the tas review bluebird was importer... that outfit has had a checkered history for the imported brands it has represented... many a maker have moved on

I own the Jadis I50 and I have heard the I88. They have the Jadis magical midrange and clean bass. Not sure about the DA88 with the KT120s though. 
Thanks for the comments, guys.

@hsw ,the I50 is on my radar, too. Are you in the US? Bluebird doesn’t have the KT150 integrateds listed on its site, which made me wonder whether they are available here.

If I may ask, how are the noise floor and treble extension in the I50? How did it compare to the I88? What speakers are you using?

@jjss49 , the brand seems to be experiencing something of a revival, with some new models and updated versions of older ones. I wasn’t aware of issues with Bluebird. I’ll have to dig into that.
Yeah I’m in the US. Bluebird used to have the I50 and I88 on their website. Don’t know why it changed. 
I use Magico S1 with the I50. I think Jadis brings body and density which helps round out the Magico sound. The I88 is very similar to the I50. My dealer told me for my listening volume (average DB 70s, peaks 80s) the I50 is enough. He was right. 

At my listening volume, the knob is at 9 o’clock and there is no noise. I think the tube hiss starts past 12 o’clock. 
The first year, I ran it 10-12 hours a day and went through the KT150s every 6 months or so. I got a second solid state amp for background music so I can save on the tubes. 
I am a big fan of Jadis. Their amps are truly some of the best I have heard, and with the new KT150 models, i have yet to hear another tube amp that I would rather own. Plus their build quality is second to none, IMO.
I have not heard the DA88s, but I would suspect that it would be a keeper for anyone interested in a great integrated.

I have a great relationship with Bluebird and they are very pleasant to work with.  Vienna Acoustics, Jadis and SME have been with them for a very long time and they are not exactly mediocre brands.  They also have AVM, Canton and Weiss.  Those are newer brands to them but all great products.  

Jadis is a stellar line.  I would put it up against the best brands in the world and am certain they will hold their own at every price point they compete in.  
From all indications Jadis has upped its game, which was already strong, with these recent KT150 amps. I’m wondering how the newer KT120 amps like the DA88S compare to them. My sense, gleaned merely from reading around, is that the mids are still fantastic like Jadis of old, but it’s unclear to me whether the refinement and extension of the top end is in the same ballpark as the KT150 amps.
jadis in its heyday was well known to run power tubes very hard, seems like that is still the case

jadis is beautiful stuff, great sounding, if not for the faint of heart in ownership... they deserve a comeback into the conversation as tippy top tube amplification
@jjss49  jadis in its heyday was well known to run power tubes very hard, seems like that is still the case

That's good to know, and would help explain why hsw went through KT150s in six months.

I am taking a hard look at Jadis since it seems so well made. But the reviews from Art dudley for 2 units seemed a bit luke warm (at least compared to his shindo amps).

@smodtactical  No surprise on the review from Art D. He had a certain 'bent' towards what he liked and if your system or sound didn't meet that, he would probably not like it that much. Shindo was his favorite, would not have been mine...nor his love of his Altec Valencia's! 

@daveyf My understanding of shindo is that its a warm, musical but still very detailed sound. If thats Art's sound then I share the same taste.

I’m not sure that in Art’s system that it was that detailed...plus his speakers were probably a major limiting factor when it comes to detail resolution, IMO.