Jadis DA60

Looked up the Jadis DA 60 on the Jadis site, there is mention of using different output tube types but none about biasing. Is this an auto biased intergrated? Maybe I missed it on their homepage, thanks!
Do you know where one is for sale? please e-mail me! All I can tell you that the bias on the Orchestra deluxe was manual and fairly involved.
I think it is autobiasing, but you should make an inquiry of Pierre Gabriel to be sure. I recall I first encountered it at Victor Goldstein's when he was the importer, and recall him telling me it was essentially an integrated based on the JA80 amp circuitry, which is an auto-bias circuit.
Ive call PG and left a message with his sec but I think this whole NA distribution thing has him a little busy, Mechan...its open season should one pop up! Thanks guys, anyone know for a certainty about the biasing?
My friend, Russ (Rcprince), is correct. The DA60 (and DA30 & DA50) is autobias for certain.

By the way, I'd be most interested in anyone's DA30/DA50/DA60 for sale...
Thanks everyone for responding, Pierre Gabriel send me a private email confirming the DA 60 is auto bias.