Jadis DA50S's load impedance question, pls help

I got a 2nd hand Jadis DA50s integrated amp last week.

I just studied from the user manual, knowing that the amp's load impedance is pre-adjusted for loudspeakers from 4 to 6 ohms. But I am using speakers with 8 ohms.

Should I made an internal adjustment as the manual said (http://www.hkbizz.com/photo/albums/userpics/10001/Image0002.BMP)?

What are the three pictures showing? What a strange user manual!!!

thx so much
There is basically no such thing as an 8 ohm speaker. Speaker impedance is all over the map in most cases. The pic shows the jumper settings for the transformer. If you don't know, I wouldn't advise you doing anything. Your speakers probably need the 4-6 ohm taps anyway. Just sit back and enjoy the music! Arthur

PS, I just noticed the instructions mention the amp inverts phase. This means you need to swap positive and negative connections at the speaker.
I have the DA-8 adjusted to 16 Ohm working with 8 Ohm speakers... I maded this for have the maximum possible power... The RISK is when you works with a very low imp values at the speakers, for example 1 or 2 ohms... if not, don't worry!!!... When a speaker says it have 8 ohm nominal impedance, this means that this imp can variated between 6-10 ohms and 8 ohms it's the medium....