Jadis DA-60 owners-HELP Please

I just received this amp today and it was w.o the owners manual. I need to know what the socket postions are for the 12ax7 and 12au7 tubes.

thanks ~!

it is a shame to have this beauty just sit in the room all powered down
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If no one else answers, you can go to Jadis's French website and ask them the question, they may take a few days to reply (get them before the August holidays) but they've been helpful to me in the past. In my JA80s, which are similar, the 12AU7 is the first tube after the input, I believe a phase splitter, then the 12AX7, which is the driver, follows. I'd expect your integrated to work the same, but can't guarantee it.

Hey, at least the piece looks beautiful when it's not playing! Enjoy it, it's really the nicest integrated Jadis has ever made, in my view. Very close in sound to the JA80s.
Your amp, according to Jadis's website uses 3 12au7s and 2 12ax7s. From the pics, there are 3 small tubes upfront, then two behind. I would think the 3 upfront are the 12au7s (just a guess).

My DA-8 has 12aus upfront and 12ax7s behind.

I have a DA-60. The three in front are for 12AU7's and the two in back of them are for 12ax7's