Jadis 6550? (for CJ Prem. 12)

Does anyone have experience with the Jadis 6550? The local audio dealers and tube shops (here in Hong Kong) seem to like them better than the Tung Sols. Thanx.
Jadis does not make their own tubes. Rather, like Groove Tubes, they relabel someone else's. I suggest you find out whose they use, and go with them. I am not sure of their 6550 supplier(I would guess Sovtek or Svetlana), but their KT90 and 6CA7(EL34 equivalent) is Ei, of the former Yugoslavia. These days Jadis is pushing the KT90, as opposed to 6550. Reasons stated are better power/bass response/tone/tube life.
trelja--according to one of the dealers here, the jadis tubes are chinese made. you're right, i've got a bit more investigating to do. i have not yet heard them and the local hk dealers are not too familiar with the "let me borrow a broken in set of 8" routine. they're said to be warmer than the svetlana 6550c's that i'm using. i guess i take some comfort in the fact that jadis uses ei kt90's (which i've used on again and off again in my system).
Thanks for the information Randalleron! Personally, I use the Ei KT90s in my Jadis. Perhaps they use 6550s from the factory that produces the Golden Dragon line(Shuguang???). I have never gotten open sound from Chinese tubes, but have never tried Golden Dragons(they are supposedly excellent). Usually the Chinese tubes impart a very slow sound, as if a thick oil had been poured over the music(I am sure Jadis would not go for this type of sound, as they are not fond of "warmth"). Moving to European tubes seems to open everything up. I do not like the sound of 6550s, finding them inferior to: KT90s in terms of power, bass response, extension, and tone(besides the fact that KT90s supposedly are much more long lasting); and KT88s in terms of sweetness, warmth, and "glow". I prefer using KT90s in more neutral applications, and KT88s in more romantic ones. But, we all have our preference... Good luck!
The Jadis 6550s I'm using was a special production run by GE for Jadis according to the dealer I've purchased from. and they are much better than the Chinese tubes and are more dynamic and sweet sounding than the Tungsols. I've purchased quite a few quad sets and if you're interested. We can talk. My email address is aphile2000@yahoo.com
i'm willing to bet you're right(aphile); it would not surprise me at all to learn that the jadis 6550's are not chinese. this is part of a little game that i play with some of my local audio dealers (and dealers of other luxury items, for that matter). the gleefully provide me with mis-information and i either call them on it on the spot or go out and do some research and come back and call them on it. for the most part, i'm pretty well hated. ah well, the only real shame comes at times like this, when i mistakenly pass along this mis-info. i think i'll visit this guy again and see what he has to say for himself...trelja--i agree that the kt90's are more powerful, better on the bottom end provide overall better balanced sound. i was using the ei's for a while. about 3-4 months ago i switched the interconnects joining my cd player and amps, from mid-range transparents to kimber's kcag. when i made that switch, i fiddled with the tubes a bit and determined that i liked the warmth of the 6550's better with the silver cables. i still have the ei's and i really do owe it to myself to to a bit more testing before i invest in new 6550's. i have not listened to kt88's.
One thing you may also want to try is HomeGrown Audio's version of KCAG. It is only $70 for 1 meter(terminated). It is the same as KCAG, only using solid core silver wire(as opposed to stranded). I find it better sounding than Kimber. Less edgy, metallic, shrill. Yet still accurate, detailed, and extended. Jadis doesn't recommend KT88, as they feel they are unreliable. I have investigated this, and found there was a period when Tesla(also known as Teslovak, and now JJ) KT88 were very unreliable. Recent production has been fine. I would first recommend getting the HomeGrown Audio cable, give it a 200 hour break-in(it may sound terrible even at 50 or sometimes 100 hours - there is an easy way to break in cable without turning on your amp, which I learned here on Audiogon). If you still find yourself craving the warmth, then try a set of KT88s. Also, will your CJ Premier 12 accept EL34/E34L/6CA7 tubes? I would e-mail Conrad Johnson with this and other questions. If you REALLY desire your CJ to sound sweet, warm, and romantic, the EL34 types are the way to go - classic tube. You would also be paying 50%(or less) for this type of tube(good now, and great in the future). What kind of speakers are you driving? Assuming you have an abundance of power now, you don't have to worry about what you'll lose when you switch. And they work beautifully with silver cables. Good Luck!
trelja--i'm running pretty efficient speakers, jm labs' mezzo utopias. cj actually offers a el34-based premier 12, the 12xs. they have roughly half the power of the 6550-based models. unfortunately, i cannot use my 12's with el34's without sending them back to cj for a bit of reworking. i really enjoy the el34 sound. in fact, my first tube amp was cj's mv55, which uses 2 el34's per side. i would have entertained the 12xs when i bought my 12's (my mezzos would run nicely from either), however, i was buying used and a good deal came up on a pair of standard 12's. i'm pretty happy. i'd be interested to hear the homegrown cables. i'm also pretty happy with my kcag's. but when i move back to new york later this year, i expect i'll need a longer run of interconnects. and the kcag's get really expensive as they get longer.