Jade Audio - Great customer service

I have owned 3 different audio cables from Jade Audio and recently I needed to have my hybrid i/c' reterminated from balanced to rca. JD the owner of Jade Audio performed the minor surgery very quickly and with no charge. Now this is the way to treat your customers. Now this may not sound like a big deal but I have owned many cables over the past 20+ years and alot of them will not perform any type of service unless their is a fee to charge. I tip my cap to Jade Audio for supporting their products after the sale. BTW their cables are not cheap but sonically represent and good value. Keep up the great work.
+1 agree.
Hi Bob,

I just caught this post today. I'm so happy to hear your experience continues to be good with Jade Audio. I do try hard to provide the best cables and the best service when ever I can.