Jacques Brel anyone?

Wondering if other's here have an appreciation for this performer, his songs, either in French/Dutch/Flemish or some re-written by Rod McKuen? I have recently become obsessed, have a large number of CDs and LPs of late, and am overwhelmed. One regret is never seeing/hearing a performance. Truly overwhelming singer, writer, performer.
Ever since I saw Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in paris back in the 60's I have been a fan. Amanda McBroom has a wonder album of Brel songs including a breathtaking rendition of Carrasel
I just purchased a few records of him after hearing my favorite group Goldfrapp sample one of his songs "Ces gen la"

You should check on Joe Dassin, the next generation chanson singer. In his white stage suit he might've taken image of Elvis indeed.