Jackson Browne's "Time the Conqueror"

I'm aware that this new record will not be officially released until Sept. 23. I purchased tickets to see Jackson on Sept. 16th, and bought a "package" which included both the tickets and the CD. I'm wondering if others have done this; and, if so, whether they have received their CD yet (or whether you received notification about when you might receive it). I'd love to hear the record before I go to the show.

I am thinking about seeing him live again but I don't want to hear about liberal politics form rock stars.
re. Kira...

Amen, Brother! Was never able to look at (or listen to) Bruce Springsteen the same way again after he trapsed around the country with John Kerry. Before that, I thought Bruce was against the machine, not a particular party. He came across as a schill.

JMO (Not meant to offend ;)
If you want to hear conservative politics you can go see Ted Nugent. I just want to hear the music and don't what care what any of them think about politics.
I wish that musicians and hollywood alum would keep in mind that we (THE FANS) pay for entertainment. We don't need them to explain politics to us, we bought into the music, that is what made the famous and they should keep their eyes on the ball. I won't ever go see Neil Young for that reason and I love his music until lately. Imagine if in medevil times if the court jester tried to explain his point of view to the king. He may have wound up a royal food taster at best.
JMO as well
Okay, okay....on to Jackson Browne's new disc / music. Has anybody heard this yet ?
Uh..., Kira and Ml8764ag, how is a performer's injecting their political opinions into a performance any different from injecting yours into an audio forum where the question was a straightforward one about the availability of a CD?
Sfar, bravo for pointing out hypocrisy.
You will be lucky if you ever see the CD based on past experience. I know someone still waiting for a disc 10 months after the show.

Sfar, you are correct - way to go!
Not sure if Kira and M18764ag know what a "chicken-hawk" is but look at a pic of your idol "W", and you'll see one in the flesh. I remind you, he ducked military service, NOT Kerry. But...the Republicans really know how to twist a story line. I'll give them credit for that. You know, if you tell a lie often enough, people start to believe. Just ask Hitler.

W/ respect to the Jackson Browne question, I have not heard the new album, but I love his old work (first 4 albums are amazing).
To clarify, I don't want to listen to any rock stars politics be they liberal or conservative.

"W" my idol with a reference to Hitler? News to me. Get a life Lindisfarne. Why are you wasting time posting on this website and not out working for "The Messiah"?
Okay, okay...I guess no one cares about what Jackson's new music is about.....then how about a politician, err, umm...one running for president this year using a Jackson Browne song and not getting any permission to do so and is now being sued over it ....now THERE'S hypocrsy ! ...no, that's IRONY !
Thank you Sfar. Does anyone have anything close to an answer to my question?
Rock music is an important form of political speech. If you don't like Jackson Brown, Crosby, Stills, and Nash or John Lennon, then try to Ted Nugent or Toby Keith.
You mean Koby Teeth???