Jackson Browne's new CD

I know it's Christmas and all are playing Diana Krall's Christmas CD and such but, this new J. Browne "solo acoustic" has been in my player for weeks now! The more I play it the more I want to hear it. It J. Browne's good stuff, you know the stuff that never gets played on classic rock stations. Songs such as The Birds of St. Marks,Fountain of Sorrow,These days, etc. These songs are what I think J. Browne is all about. I'm not into those top 40 stuff he did to pay the bills. Oh well, music is what it's all about, just thought I would let some others know about this great CD.
Even not being a JB fan, I have taken a huge liking to this CD. Play it just about every day. Well recorded, great music, and some humor to boot....Looking forward to Vol II, which he said he would do if this CD took off.
Performance = 4.5 stars
Recording = 4.5 stars
Well I guess I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas! I saw him a few years back when he opened for Steely Dan. What a show ... I not only bought his new CD at the time but filled in the rest of my collection. Steely was outstanding but I was just blown away by JB.

I was driving across Montana this summer and I threw in Running on Empty ... I had forgot how fantastic that CD was. I listened to it maybe 3-4 times back to back - it was a great feeling, so much awesome music on that CD. I really can’t figure why his commercial success never fell in line with the quality of his work but I guess that applies to so many good bands (Wilco, Phish, Beck, The Mule).

That guy should never open for anybody ... it's such a teaser
Thanks for the tip, guys. I picked this up this morning as a birthday present to me. Great music and seems to be very well recorded.