Jackson Brown Solo Acoustic Vol 2

I just picked up this cd and it is everything that I love about live recordings. Like Vol 1, the cd gives a strong sense of intimacy and a glimpse into Jackson Browne's personality. An added bonus is the sound quality which I think is great. Highly recommended.
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...agree 100 %...i have both and they are played weekly...
I heard a few cuts from Vol 1 at a friends house and deceided to get both Vol's..I too enjoy the (Music) but get impatient.. too much monolog before every song...zzzzz
I got the Vol 2 last week and cant stop listening! Very intimate recording... a bit sibilent on his vocals ( close miked) but overall very good stuff. I just ordered the Vol I

BTW..Just before the song Redneck friend..that dude with the "assertive accent" is too much ;-)

Somebodys baby is great with the piano too!

One thing I like is that they have numbered the introductions. You can therefore program the CD to only play the songs if you get sick of the talking.
I like Vol 1 just as much. Sonics are a bit better actually!
Agree with Kehut