Jackie Greene

I've been watching Martin Scorcese's Dylan documentary and it reminded me how much I enjoy a direct Dylan descendant, Jackie Greene. Anyone out here like him/heard him? If you haven't, check out any of his several discs. My favorite is "Gone Wanderin'"......
I caught him opening for Buddy Guy, I had no idea who he was. My first thought was is this Dylan's son, I was very impressed this kid is flat out talented and has a love for the Blues.
I just picked up 'sweet somewhere bound' after a sample listen & agree-most excellent. thanks for the tip.
Saw him night before last. I've seen him several times but his skills are improving. He moves between genres so easily. Great show. Downloading it now from archive.org.
Saw him a few times with Phil Lesh & Friends. Very talented, indeed.
Very talented, and puts on a great show. I have seen him live twice, and both shows were great.