Jack DeJohnette

I have been listening to One of Jacks latest, "In Movement" . I think it is quintessential Jack and contemporary. Ravi Coltrane and Matthew Garrison really swim here and, to me, the three sound like an iconic jazz trio. Thoughts anybody? 

Hudson was incredible in every way!
Good to read that you liked Hudson- greg22lz
In Motion is a superb “classic trio” album albeit with a modern tip. Garrison plays electric bass and also loops some interesting soundscapes under the music. Coltrane and DeJohnette play with fire and passion. I searched for this on vinyl from ECM and found it. Not cheap but beautifully pressed and sounds wonderful. Saw Ravi Coltrane in Napa (Blue Note Cafe) a few months back and after the show we chatted and he signed the In Motion LP for my 8 year old son. Wonderful man and boy can be blow!

An excellent suggestion- fromunda.

Happy Listening!


how is your collection of Jack DeJohnette?
Do not forget his discs w/ Keith Jarrett, Whisper Not and Always Let Me Go,
are outstanding!

Happy Listening!

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