Jack DeJohnette

I have been listening to One of Jacks latest, "In Movement" . I think it is quintessential Jack and contemporary. Ravi Coltrane and Matthew Garrison really swim here and, to me, the three sound like an iconic jazz trio. Thoughts anybody? 
jafant, I just ordered that AND I purchased tickets to seem them live at Weil Hall in Rohnert Park, CA

Big fan of Dave Holland (Bass Player). He and JD made an excellent albums together.
In Motion is a superb “classic trio” album albeit with a modern tip. Garrison plays electric bass and also loops some interesting soundscapes under the music. Coltrane and DeJohnette play with fire and passion. I searched for this on vinyl from ECM and found it. Not cheap but beautifully pressed and sounds wonderful. Saw Ravi Coltrane in Napa (Blue Note Cafe) a few months back and after the show we chatted and he signed the In Motion LP for my 8 year old son. Wonderful man and boy can be blow!

how is your collection of Jack DeJohnette?
Do not forget his discs w/ Keith Jarrett, Whisper Not and Always Let Me Go,
are outstanding!

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Yes - I heard a snippet on NPR and bought the vinyl when it came out a month later or so. Impeccably produced and fine musicianship from all concerned. Jack floats around the kit with a light touch; he's as much a lead musician as a drummer on this one.
@jafant  no real update on Jack. I have been listening to a lot of Coltrane. I saw 'Chasing Trane' and was sort of fired up again in a new way about his life and music. Qiute the musician he is.  My DeJohnette years go back a long way. I had a cassette tape of him that I listened to over and over during the period from 1978 to 1980, until it failed. I then bought the CD along with come other DeJohnette back then. That particular cassette was 'Gateway 2' and I still like to listen to that occasionally. I know there is a large body of work by him but I find myself more interested in live recordings, even if they aren't great recordings. Live has a much more interesting feel and energy. What about you?  Regards, Greg

I buy every disc that features JD, especially, those that also feature Dave Holland (Bassist). Excellent suggestions as above Greg.

I will continue  to post as I learn of more JD recordings/releases.

Additionally, I have a very large, almost complete, Coltrane collection to boot.

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@greg22lz @jafant - I'm not much of a jazz fan. However, I heard "Timeless" from John Abercrombie w/Jan Hammer and Jack De Johnette sometime in the late 1970's and I've been a fan ever since. I had it on original ECM LP, sold it when I got out of vinyl years ago, bought it on CD and bought it again on LP when I got back into vinyl again a few years ago.

I don't necessarily love the whole album, but the title track "Timeless" is one of my all time favorites. It is "real" ambient music, not the digitally synthesized drivel that is so popular today. Love the whole ensemble, but I especially love the drums as the song builds...

Turn down the lights and slip into 12 minutes of bliss........

John Abercrombie, Jan Hammer and Jack De Johnette - "Timeless

I recommend "Fictionary"--Lyle Mays, Marc Johnson and JD, if it is not already in your collection.

Much Thanks! reubent

I will add this disc to my collection.

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Thank You - astewart8944

I own a few Marc Johnson discs w/ Peter Erskine. I will add "Fictionary"

to my collection.

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Here's a Jack De Johnette Record Store Day 2018 release:

Jack Dejohnette, Larry Grenadier, John Medeski, John Scofield -  "Hudson"

RSD 2018 is this Saturday - April 21. Go support your Local Independent Record Store on Saturday....

Check out those early George Benson albums for JD as well.

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incredible musician.  i'm a big fan of the earlier ecm recordings with Jarrett, Holland, kenny wheeler, etc.  would strongly recommend the two gateway albums on ecm.  unfortunately, these are not available on tidal.
A great treat is the DVD of Miles Davis, 1970 Isle of Wight performance, just to see the eye contact communication/enjoyment between a young Jack and Dave as the relentlessly keep the groove going. Kinda telepathic.

Good to see you - russellcncomhow many discs have you acquired now? Which titles?
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Absolutely! jb0194
any disc w/ Jack and Holland, I am there!Happy Listening!
I love JD's drum sound; it always seems to be impeccably recorded and just right in the mix, but I suspect the overriding factor in why he sounds wonderful on so many recordings is that his musicianship is among the very best in the world. 

...also a good listen, The Jack DeJohnette Piano Album 

Check out Terri Lyne Carrington. Very musical like JD! I saw her with Ravi Coltrane and Dave Holland a couple of weeks ago at the Healdsburg jazz festival. I was as impressed with her drumming as JD's !!
Nice! greg22lz
big fan of Terri Lynne Carrington. How is your JD collection growing?Happy Listening!


Coltrane was released today. I will pick up my copy after the weekend.

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