JA Michell Turntable - Need help

I am trying to help a friend set up his JA Michell Turntable. He does not have any manuals for his analog rig. Can anyone guide me and tell me where I can find manuals on the Michell Focus tonearm, Michell Prisma TT and AQ PT5H cartridge ? I am not sure about the model numbers but the TT in enclosed in an acrylic case, the sketch of the tonearm is a background in JA Michell's contact page. Any help will be hugely appreciated.
Just noticed the TT is a Gyro Dec and the cartridge is an Audioquest T-5H. Any information on these will be appreciated.
This is a good place to start.


Michells have a Web site with deck and contact info:


The Vinyl Engine is the place I look first for used TT info:


Good luck to your friend, and happy listening.
You want to go here:


or here


for the unofficial guide to Gyrodecs by Werner Ogiers. Definitely the best/most comprehensive info I've found on setting up a Gyrodec.
Hi Erider,
Have gone from a Gyro SE to a Gyrodec and now finally(?) to a Gyro Orbe. If you need any specific inputs I would be happy to help. Just drop a line if you find the online sources a tad difficult. From my experience while the Michell is a great TT, the instruction manual is a bit on the thin side..