JA Michell Record Clamp

I have noticed that the JA Michell clamp in my turntable does not render records flat. The felt washer provided with the clamp is too thick. JA Michell does not provide any other sizes. Have any of you encountered this situation? Will this significantly affect record playback and/or wear? How did you fix this?
Does the clamp fit down snugly? What model do you have? Call John Michell in England- He is very helpful at sorting these things out. I've spoken to him several times.
I do encounter the same problem too with my GyroDec MK IV.
Some of my vinyls aren't 100% flat and certainly not firmly attached onto the surface. What I do instead I place the felt washer on the top of record and then clamp.
try using rubber or composite washers of various thicknesses (very inexpensive). you should be able to find the right one for every weight/warp of all your lp's. -cfb
Thanks a lot guys!

I am finally getting my system to where I want it to go...
I never used mine, I found w/o the pad the record was way flatter.