JA Michell Gyro upgrade help, Thanks

I own the Michell Gyro SE MKII, I use it with a SME V arm and Dynavector XV-1s cartridge.
Thinking about upgrading to the new power supply, and Orbe platter. Anyone out used them and which did you like the best? Any idea on the up to date prices? Best place to buy? Thanks.
I had a Gyro SE, and did the clamp upgrade. While the clamp upgrade was nice from a usability standpoint (I was used to a screw-down clamp from my previous original Oracle Delphi table and disliked the Gyro pressure clamp), I didn't notice the sonic improvement that others have commented on from the clamp upgrade.

When I started to ponder doing either the platter or power supply upgrade, I quickly realized that for somebody who's comfortable enough building up one of these tables themselves (it's really not that hard...just set aside a day to do it), it makes much more sense to just find a recent Orbe SE on the 'gon, and then sell your Gyro. The difference in used pricing between these models is about the same as just the power supply upgrade...and you get many more upgrades with a true Orbe.
Thanks for the help. I think i am going to start by just getting the new power supply and maybe the spring upgrade. Then if i decide to just sell the gyro and then buy the orbe. I can recover the $$ on a seperate sale of the PSU.
You may want to go over to the Naim forum and search Gorbe. There's a guy there that has a top notch upgraded Gyro (now with a Raven motor-- I think he documented the whole thing.) Some good reading.