J.Rowland Is it possible to shut off the display

Ive got my JRDG Concerto yesterday, sounds great, but i don't know is it possible to shut off the display? Also I can't figure out how the balance control works?
Any help would be highly appreciated!
No, you can neither shut off the display nor dim it, as far as I know. As for the
balance control, there is none. They are using the remote from a different
(earlier) product, one that did offer a balance control.
I defer to Drubin's response, as I have not used a Concerto. But I find it to be ironic that my JRDG Concentra allows the user to set the display so that it shuts off automatically a few seconds after a change is made. I like that system very much, and find it odd that they wouldn't have carried it through to the Concerto.

Tony C.
Tony, how do you do that on the Concentra? Also, don't you have balance control on the Concentra?

Part of the problem may be that JRDG never deigned to publish a manual for the Concerto.
Balance control works for me, I believe you have 6 clicks in either direction. The balance control never fully defeats either channel. I also wonder is it OK to leave amp always on?
No kidding? My dealer said no, but he may have been wrong and if it is a subtle change, I would have assumed it wasn't there at all. So is there a way to know it's back to center other than by ear?
Ironically, I deactivated the balance control of my Concentra. I have no use for it, and, as it's only on the remote, I simply removed the two buttons and taped over the holes. That way, I can't accidently hit a button while attempting to change volume, etc., which neccesitates a re-setting of the amp in order to get back to the default balance (or you can do it by ear!).

As to the display shut-off on the Concentra, I was lucky enough to have bought it already configured that way. According to the manual, "your dealer can internally configure the display to turn off after five seconds from initiating any front panel [or remote] command." I'm sure it's fairly easy to do, but you will have to lug it to a dealer! On the other hand, if your handy, you might try calling the JRDG, and they may be able to talk you through it.

As an aside, I LOVE this amp.

Hold the mute button for about 3 seconds or so. This must be done by physically pushing the button on the amp, not by using the remote. The amp will click, the readout will go dark, and the amp will reset itself to 00.0 volume on Line 1. This resets balance to centre.
And Concerto is also AMAZING!
So, is it OK to leave amp always on?
again, I haven't used the Concerto, but the Concentra is designed to be left on all of the time, and I would guess that it is the same for yours.

Why would you deactivate the balance control? It's one of the amp's most useful features.
Really? How so? To compensate for bad recordings, or limitations in your listening space? I use a balance control in my car, in order to compensate for the unfortunate listening position, but a home system? Please enlighten me.
As I recall, from owning a Concentra II in the past, a chip has to be changed inside the unit to make the display turn off after 5 seconds; JRDG can provide you with the chip and intstructions on how to do it. JRDG gear is designed to be left on all the time, hence no on/off swith on the front.
How difficult is the balance adjustment on the Concentra II to use? I ask because I am considering buying one, but adjusting balance from the listening chair is fairly important to me. Due to the placement of windows and televisions in the room as well, the listening chair is slightly off axis. I use the balance control to compensate. If it is that difficult to use, maybe the Concentra II is not for me.

I mentioned there was a chip that needed changed, I think I may be confusing this with a piece of BAT gear I once owned; on thinking on this more, it may just be a swith inside the unit.
I bought a JRDG Synergy IIi pre-amp about 4 months ago....and was wondering the same thing. How do I shut off the display ????.....so I called Jeff Rowland and could not for the life of me figure out what the hell the technician was saying. What I did hear was that the crystal in the display was good for 30 years !!! So, I'm 48 almost 49 so the hell with it, I'll be dead. The balance control is a whole new problem. But,what a great piece ( of equipment ) I have owned ''his'' stuff for close to 11 years now and have never looked back on anything else.

I believe it is just a push of a button on the remote. What the comments above alluded to, I believe, is that when you adjust the balance, there is nothing that shows where the current setting is, so to be sure you can reset it to center by using the mute button on the unit itself.
OK, Thanks to all!
Not all recordings are perfectly L/R balanced. On many recordings a small adjustment in the balance control can snap the soundstage into greater focus.
I have Jungson JA 88C (cost me all of $325 used) which uses the Rowland digital volume control. Try depressing and holding down (not a quick click) the mute button on the remote for a few seconds. This defeats the display on the Jungson (which also has no power switch on the front of the amp) which has no controls on the amp other than volume. Adjusting the volume on the amp or remote, or changing input on the remote will then re-activate the display.

Give it a try.
Hi Gary (Garebear),

So you are happy now with your Synergy IIi? I know that you felt it was a bit bright when you first bought it. Did you change cables? What helped smooth out the sound?

One other bit of info that may be of use. Holding down the mode/input button on the remote on the Jungson until the display flashes and then using the volume control on the remote will allow you to cycle up or down in volume much more quickly than in the "normal" mode. This is a very useful feature that I use quite a bit as adjusting volume in the default mode is pretty slow.
Onhwy61: Perhaps you're right, but I must say that a.) the vast majority of the CDs which I listen to sound quite well-balanced. b.) I don't really want to tinker with the balance function on a regular basis, even if the odd recording will benefit. c.) one of the very few criticisms of the Concentra that I have is the placement of the balance buttons. I prefer not to have to look at the remote (sometimes the light is dim, anyway), and have found that I would inadvertantly hit one of those buttons often enough that it was a pain (to have to reset, etc.).

Hdm: The Rowland remote, while simple, is THE most responsive I've ever used. When the volume button is depressed briefly, it is easy to fine tune the calibrations. When kept depressed, the 0–60 (decibel) time is the stereo equivalent of a Porsche Turbo!
Bxxxb, I am not sure if you got an answer on the turning off the display on the Concerto. If not, I have the answer. Send me your email and I will email you the PDF.

Excerpt from the JRDG PDF document.

To: Jeff Rowland Dealers and Distributors with Concerto Deliveries
From Rich Maez
Date: 5 August, 2004
Re: Concerto Volume Display Adjustments

Dear Friends,

There is an adjustment available for the Concerto Integrated Amplifier volume display that we wish to bring to your attention. The display can be changed to operate in a “5-Second Delay” mode that allows the display to turn off or go dark 5 seconds after the last user interface command.

In most cases, there will be no changes necessary,
however for the customers who would like to use the 5-Second Delay option, the adjustments are simple and easily made.

Situation: The customer would like to activate the 5-Second Delay volume display function. This will allow the unit’s display to go blank or dark 5 seconds after the last user command is given from either the front panel of the wireless remote control.

Adjustment: A jumper on the rear panel board must be moved to a new position as illustrated below.

Adjustment Procedure:
1 Place the unit upside-down on a soft, clean surface.

Using a #10 Torx driver, remove the twelve (12) screws that secure the bottom cover of the unit.

2 Locate jumper position J17 on the rear panel board of the unit. Using a pair of Needle Nosed pliers, move the jumper from between pins 1 and 2 to pins 2 and 3. See Figure 1.

Note: In some instances it may be necessary to remove the AC line filter from the main chassis to gain access to the jumpers. The AC line filter is held in place with four tension loaded tabs or “ears.” To remove the AC line filter, simply compress the tabs on either side of the filter and push the filter assembly towards the rear panel of the chassis. To reinstall the filter, simply press it back into place.

3 Replace the bottom cover. Using a #10 Torx driver, reinstall the twelve (12) screws that secure the bottom cover to the chassis.
Here is the solution.
Check your mail...
Thanks in advance