J River MC 15 - Settings for DVD playback REQUESTE

I CURRENTLY USE Windows XP pro SP 3. Normally I use Cyberlink Power DVD for DVD playback. Sometimes Cyberlink doesn’t want to read/play DVDs I’ve put onto my hard drives, fully in tact w/o any compression. The whole video as it is exactly on the disc itself. Sometimes…. You never know when this will occur. I’m guessing J River will playback these files w/o such issues.

Cyberlink says the file/DVD is not my current region in it’s info box.

Inserting the actual disc, playing it thru and into the movie itself usually fixes this incident, though not always. Ala Trapped In Paradise File didn’t work. Playing the actual DVD of it enabled me to play off the hard drive thereafter… Armored wouldn’t work at all however no matter how I went about it…. I had to use the disc itself… the hard drive version didn’t play the movie content…. Just the trailers.

I’d at least like to try MC 15 for DVDs, … but for what ever reason those machines which have Cyberlink already on them … JR MC 15 won’t work on DVD’s. Both are XP Pro boxes.

Screen shots of the various settings pages would work for me or a call which is always best… Thanks very very much… and Happy Thanksgiving folks.

What? No one uses PC power to playback DVDs? Or J River?
Got the JRiver forum: http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/ or AVS forums in the HTPC section.
Oops, forgot the "o". Goto the JRiver ....
Thanks Larry

I didn't get too far with that link... I must have lost something in the translation.

Foolin' around with the settings throughout JR MC on the video side of the equation seems to have alleviated most all of my former issues…. Now I just need to find the keyboard commands for playback, screen size, etc in the Theater view layout… or whatever view the DVD is being played back within.
Did you click on the link? Clicking on the link takes me to the JRiver forums. AVS is www.avsforum.com.