J River duplicate music files, where are they?

Running J River on my PC. I have all my music on an external hard drive D:\. For some reason all my music is now duplicated in a drive E:\
I dont have an E drive and cannot locate where these files are. I would like to delete the E:\ folder files but I have no idea where they are. And I certainly want to make sure i dont delete the D:/ files.
Any help on this would be extremely appreciated.
Thanks in advance, John
With a PC, your D:\ should be a recovery partition on your
Primary hard drive or a CD/ DVD drive. A click on My Computer or This PC may give more clues. Open D: then minimize that window, open E: then restore the D: window and click on a couple of songs from each window and see if they play.
Jsd52756, you might want to post this question on jriver's Interact, its user forum. http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php It is a very active group.

I'm confused about your E drive. JRiver MC does not make duplicate copies of your music files, but reads them from whatever location you designate. Its library does not work like iTunes.
Your PC treats partitions the same way as it does drives. So, if you have 1 hard drive with 2 partitions, your computer will treat them as 2 separate drives. Either you have partitions on one, or both of your hard drives that you may not be aware of, or one of your applications created a virtual drive for some reason.

I'm guessing that in your case, the extra/virtual partition is used for meta data (Tags), and not for the actual music files themselves.
I could not find any sign of an E:/ drive anywhere. 90% of the time I listen to 100 rendom songs in playlist. When I enter play 100 random songs 1/2 of them are on the E:\ drive the other 1/2 are on my externat D: drive. All songe are duplicated. Don't know what I did, but I would sure like to undo my doing...
Hi John,

This happened to me once. Assuming your problem has the same cause, the duplicates exist only in the current library, not anywhere on disk.

Here's how it happened to me. I inserted a USB flash drive in another USB port prior to starting my external HDD. As a consequence the flash drive was assigned the drive letter normally assigned to my HDD and my HDD was assigned a new drive letter when I started it. JRMC then saw the HDD with the new drive letter as a new library and imported all my music files (information only) as duplicates into the library with the new HDD drive letter in the file location.

The solution was to close JRMC, remove the flash drive, restore the original drive letter to the HDD, restart JRMC, clear the library (containing the duplicates, and then restore the library from a back-up. The back-up used the original HDD drive letter in the file location, pointed JRMC to the files on the HDD with the now correct drive letter and everything was back to normal.

Hope this helps.



IF the E: files are duplicates of the D: files in the library, you can try selecting the E: files and deleting them from the library. One option when you delete is to just delete the entry from the library without deleting the file from disk. That should remove the E: files from the library without touching the D: files. Before doing anything, back up your library. Then try this on one file and see if it works. Then do a few more. If that works, then you can do all of them.
Thanks for the input. I'am going to delve deeper with the above suggestions and see what I find out. I'll see if I can tag the E: files for deletion trying one first. I gotta find them though.
And yes I have a second external hard drive with a backup.
I did that part right. :')
If you want to see what's on your drives/partitions, the easiest way is to use a more powerful file manager than the one that comes with Windows. There's plenty of free ones you can download.
JSD52756: If you are still having difficulty locating any duplicated music files, the files are most likely NOT duplicated on disk. It is most likely a duplication in the "JRMC library". So it is unlikely you will be able to find duplicated music files anywhere on disk. That is why I suggested clearing the "library" in JRMC (after having reassigned the correct drive letter to your external drive - if that was indeed the cause of the problem) and then restoring the "JRMC library" from a backup copy of the JRMC library. No music file manipulation involved.

Good luck,

As suggested I went to the JRiver discussion site and got my answer. Under files there it was, the E: with nothing but all the files names but no music. I deleted the E: files and Iam all better now. Thanks to all, John
I tried and I recommend you for this issue DuplicateFilesDelete, Please try.