J&R salesman says turntables outsell CD playe 10:1

Maybe this is a little exaggerated, but he did say they sell way more tables than CD players. They sell to quite a few teenagers who were given LP collections and want to transfer them to thier ipod.

Now I dont feel so bad ordering a new turntable in 2007 (Raven one/ Schroeder 2)
I don't believe it. J&R sells Cd players in an number of their divisions but TTs in only one, afaik.

J&R salesman smokes dope.
Think about it. Who under the age 30 would buy a CD player instead of an iPod? The ratio may be off, but I think there may be some true to it.


Dale at Eugene Hi-Fi also told me a few weeks ago he sells way more turntables than CDPs. Welcome to the age of nostalgia. Even I miss Peter Frampton Comes Alive. I so tired of seeing Anna Nicole Smith or whatever her name is on the "news".
He may be right. Most people don't buy a cd players anymore. They buy DVD players that will play CD's.
Amazing what some "salesweasels" will say just because they thin k it is what you want to hear so you either buy something from them or they at least plant seed of potential in future.Know I sold Krell,Mac,B&W,Adcom,etc for 6 years and one of the major vendors who had us buying a decent sounding but cruddilly made chganger that was always bvreaking I down I ask this rep"wahat else is out there that sells a HQ changer.His was say $700 or $800.Now I KNEW he must have been aware of at least one comp[any California Audio Labs-not sure if they even exist now this was about 2000) that were a bit more.And even though he knopws I am a salesman and used to the "tradecraft" of sel;ling this guy must have taken his MANDEV or Dale Carnegie Sales trainning or whatever to say "Chaz as afar as I know we are the only ones who sell a high quality chnager".We both knew he was lying.But I guess that is disengenuous crap is practiced at all loevels.Now I was salary so I got (under) paid if soemone bought from us or not.But I would hope and think that even as a comission sales person I would think it was in my best interest to tell people the truth (i.e. we don't sell the only maouse trap.We try to get the best ones we can but other ones are fine as well).But given it was one sales person to the other I was amzed thathe could lie to me and maybe himself that way.
Lots of DJs in NYC where J&R is located.
I wonder if data is somewhat skewed from different vendors. Best Buy, Circuit City, etc may be selling many CD players or DVD players (to be used for CDs also). But if someone wants to purchase a turntable there are fewer vendors to choose from so those vendors see a different ratio of turntable sales to CD player sales.
Since CD players generally sell for more than DVD players, most people probably buy DVD players instead. Therefore in his area, I suppose he could be correct. It still sounds fishy.
Look at http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?eanlg&1170363580&openusid&zzIhcho&4&5#Ihcho