J.C Verdier R.I.P

A legend has left us. J.C Verdier passed away couple of days back. He was already 80+ years aged. May God bless his soul.

Fortunately I still have my J.C Verdier Nouvelle Platine turntable. A work of art that I enjoy almost every day.

Reportedly, his wife and son are actively into his audio company so they will continue to run the company and the products are all available.

Let's spin some LPs tonight.
Very sorry to hear of his passing. I have heard the Nouvelle Platine is a very special table. My condolences to his family. Indeed, time to spin a few LP's.
Saddened by the news Pani. God bless his soul.
I exchanged many emails with him the last few years as he taught me how to properly setup and use the Platine. It was very evident to me that he was still brimming with passion for music, and how to get the most out of the record. He will be missed. RIP
He was a legend & genius.
The Platine was one of my favorite tables & if memory serves me correctly - The Grandezza tonearm was made specifically for that table. I had that setup for 6 years & sometimes wonder why I went in another direction.
Oh no. Another very sad news in a last few days.

I never owned the Platine but have wanted to for so many
years. I´ve always admired his work, especially the maglev
bearing which was revolutionary back in the day and still

Fortunately I have a DIY maglev on my own TT. My maglev
takes all platter´s weight like Platine´s, the ring magnets
are much smaller of course but do the trick.
This takes the performance to much higher level. Actually
his implementation is unique. He was a true pioneer in TT
Merci, monsieur Verdier.

Francesco di Giacomo, the vocalist of Banco del Mutuo
Soccorso passed away in February this years. He also was a
legend & genius, namely in contemporary (rock) music. As a
front man in a rock band he was unique and no finer voice in
Italian rock has never existed. An era has ended.

My humblest thanks for these extraordinary gentlemen and
music lovers, they were like magicians.


I have Banco´s latest recordings from 2013, the 3LP set just
released. I will spin all my BMS albums.

Requiescant in Pace