IYO, Best speaker for rock music under $1k

Admittedly, I am a complete newbie to this stuff. I have been toying around with the idea of purchasing a pair of B & W 685 bookshelf speakers but I have not extensively rummaged through the plethora of other great brands. It all gets a little overwhelming to be honest. I mainly listen to rock music and am wondering, in your opinions, what are the best speakers for under $1,000?
Klipsch-buy as big as you can.
I second Elevick's recommendation. I would add Definitive Technologies 7004 tower with the powered sub built in. Bought used of course. They rock.
Agree with the guys above...the older VMPS tower speakers are darn good rock speakers also. There is a pair for sale here right now ($800)...but he won't ship.

If you've got the amp for it, I'd suggest PSB Stratus Gold's (or possibly Silver's, but the bronze is too lean for rock).

Paradigm Studio 100V3. Multi driver, power hungry with great bass.
Altec Model 19's.
Pinnacle Classic Gold's. Awesome midrange, decent bass, and they like to play LOUD.
A vintage JBL with at least 10" woofer. Like this:
Beware of recommendations for inexpensive/vintage speakers that always seem to be suggested whenever rock is mentioned. Keep in mind that rock is typically NOT well recorded and as such gear selection and quality is especially important as inferior equipment ENHANCES the brightness, harshness of much recrded rock. Do yourself a favor and burn a disc of 5-10 favorite tracks, seek out some high end shops in your area and listen to YOUR music. You will like some gear and dislike others but etablish a baseline, it won't take long and it is a fun thing to do. Listen to something well beyond your pricerange so you will know how that gear presents your favorite music and work backwards in price until you find a presentation that YOU like. Most shops only handle a few brands so you won't be overwhelmed at all and bring a note book so you can rank what you like. Soon you will be rocking and enjoying your music collection like never before. P.S. I listen to rock/metal and I run it through a very high end system which I enjoy very, very much, best of luck.
Snell CIV's or CV's work very well for rock;they show up used now and then.
A good friend of mine just bought a set of Klipsch F2 towers and a KSW 12" sub for a grand, brand new from a box store. They sound real good for the listening he does.
Can't say they are the best but I use Mackie 624MkII powered studio monitors in my office and listen to a lot of rock music.
I've had them in a much larger room with more room to breathe and did not feel a sub was completely necessary (but would have been alot of fun).
Not audiophile high-end, but FUN.
Thanks for the responses guys. I really appreciate them.

I have decided on purchasing an Outlaw Audio RR2150 Receiver. If this makes a difference, is there any speakers that particularly match up very well with this receiver, if anyone has the particular experience? I have the opportunity to purchase a pair of B&W 704's as well but am not sure if they are the right fit.
Also, any opinions on the Monitor Audio RS6 ?