IXOS versus Harmonic Technology

I am triwiring from a B&K 200.7 amp to Definitive Technology BP3000s with additional wiring to a C/L/R 3000 center, and BPVX/P rears. I am trying to decide between the two cable products detailed below. Any suggestions? This cable research is driving me crazy.

IXOS: Balanced XLR Cables, model 10050, and Speaker Cable, model 6142GM

Harmonic Technology: Pro-Silway MK II (XLR), Pro-9 Plus (biwired) with Jumper Cable to Triwire the Pro-9 Plus, and Melody Line In-wall for the rear and center.
Instead of Harmonic Technology maybe you could try Robert Lee's newer company Acoustic Zen. Their 'value' cable the WOW is very good at $250 meter and it only gets better from there.
Please, anything but the Ixos!
Why do you say anything but the IXOS?
IXOS seems to be the Monster Cable of the UK. Unimpressive sound, and while not very expensive, overpriced for what you get. There are plenty of better cables for the money.

I've owned a few sets, and they were miserable. Poor resolution, muddy bass, mid-range harshness, and bright treble. IXOS hasn't made much of an impact over here... Audio Advisor used to carry them, but dropped them probably a year ago - and AA LOVES British brands!

There are many better values out there for the price, including the Harmonic Tech. See this thread for some more ideas:

Acoustic Zen WOW, LAT International, Signal Cable, Alpha Core all had their proponents, and there are many other interesting suggestions. Some of these, like LAT and Signal Cable, offer trials. Audiogon member "chichiuno" will also provide a trial of Nordost cables if you have a strong interest in that brand.

If you've heard the IXOS and are in love with their sound, by all means go with YOUR ears!

Best of luck, and best of listening,