iTunes playback: retaining orig song gaps?

Maybe this forum will provide more input from those a little more discerning than the 128kbps iPod crowd?

I searched and searched and searched online for info on ADDING a gap between songs during playback from iTunes on a computer (not iPod). There is a ton of info on removing gaps betweem songs.

I want this when listening to an entire album from track 1 to end as it was produced. As you know after a song is over, you will see a brief "-00:03, -00:02, -00:01" on the display counter. Most CDs are created with this type of slight gap. Of course DJ Mix CDs , and custom home mixes don't have the gap. But for many professional CDs a small gap as it is the intent of the artist/musician/producer.

But, when you play back in iTunes, the gap disappears. that information is not included when you burn to a hard drive. iTunes does not have an option to ADD a gap during playback. [ "Crossfade Playback" function is the exact opposite of what I am seeking: is overlaps the songs....] I use iTunes every day and it ain't there. I wonder how other dedicated digital media servers (olive, roku, accomplish this?) I think it's an easy adder for the next iTunes version....It would look like this:

[ ] Song Gap Playback:

Add 1 .......................... 4 seconds.

OR does anyone else know of some other iTunes plug-in, tweak? I have 300+ CDs (and growing) burned to my external hard drive from CDs and and often want to listen to the entire CD, instead of a playlist.

If anyone has any ideas, please write a response. Grazie.
I came across this definition tonight when researching digital audio apps: POTENTIALLY THE CORRECT TECHNICAL TERM FOR THE GAP I DISCUSS ABOVE....

from: 02/13/07

What are gaps (pre-track gaps)?


When playing an audio CD in a standalone player, often the time display will show up negative values before actually starting a track. This gap is usually used for seperate two different tracks. If jumping to a specific track, it will start with the actual music, only when running into a track the gap occurs.

--end snip---

So, I haven't found anything else to retain the 1-2 second gaps on original CDs. Therefore it looks like I need to trick itunes to add a "blank" track between song when I playback full albums via itunes (akin to a "clear.gif" in html !!). Every album does not need this but some really do to sufficiently space the songs.
Not sure what version of Itunes you're using. I go to the pull down menu in Itunes that says "Itunes" on left left of the toolbar and select "preferences," then select "advanced," then 'burning." You now have a menu that should give you what you want if I understand you correctly.

Yes, you can control the gaps between songs when burning a CD. My scenario is "for playback" of AIFFs which have already been ripped to my Hard Drive. There is no control for putting that gap back in.
Sorry, my morning caffeine hadn't kicked in yet when I read your post. Yeah, Itunes can be irritating in this respect. I've never found a way to accomplish what you want to do either. Here's hoping the new operating system they release in the spring will address this issue.