iTunes Importing?

1. What "CODEC" do you use to import CDs into iTunes?

2. If using very large hard drives should WAV or AIFF be used?

3. What is the difference between WAV and AIFF?

4. Does Apple Lossless sound as good as "uncompressed"?

5. Does iTunes "rip" CDs "bit for bit"?

Thanks for sharing your time!
Knownothing, You can't copy or convert songs from iTunes music store because the tracks are protected by a Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme called FairPlay. Apple has chosen not to license the ability to play its FairPlay tracks to anyone, there is nothing we can do about it, but..... You can 'burn' the music to a CD and then 'rip' it back to your computer. This will remove the DRM protection, it will also remove information such as: artist name, track, etc, so you will manually have to re-tag the music. This is the only way as far as I know. If someone knows any other way (easier) I will be also interested. It is one of my only complains with iTunes beside price of songs/albums.
Jefferybowman2k, OK, so iTunes is locked into a weaker digital format by their attachment to the original iPod. What about other music servers like Real Networks? Is there any online music store that allows audiophiles to purchase and download individual song files in lossless high quality digital formats?

Mrjstark, I have not had problems manipulating digital files from iTunes or otherwise, but there is no way to add information back to compressed files purchased from the iTunes store, is there? I am more concerned with getting all the digital information encoded at the beginning of the recording/transferring process. Those of us who care about these things should provide a big enough market for someone to try to serve quality music files over the Internet. I would think Mr. Paul - Experience Music Project - Allen would get this and be doing something about it.
I thought iTMS was going DRM-free?

I also thought there were some offerings in higher quality format from iTMS.
The best downloads, and my personal favorite for quality is MusicGiants and no copy protection. Second, is but selection is very limited. I am not 100% positive but I think it is also copy protection free . As of DRM- free Itunes the word is that they may indeed provide DRM-free downloads but for their lower resolution offerings since new higher resolution format for Itunes is around the corner. So far there is very limited library of H-resolution downloads from Itunes but I am sure it is not going to take long to rebuild their whole library around new format.
I have my own way of copying Cd and downloads that provide the best quality and convenience . Converting, copying and archiving is done by a professional company for a very reasonable amount of money ( a little over a dollar per CD or CDR ). This is my own personal way of storing my most important and best recordings.
Thanks, that is helpful.