iTunes error messages during rip

I purchased iPod mini several days ago and started to "rip" some of my cds to digital using "itunes" software provided by Apple. So far I've done perhaps a dozen cds but two of them have cuts that itunes stubbornly refuses to fully accept. On both the Alicia Keys album and also Springsteens Rising there are several cuts that generate error messages - even when I use the built in "error correction" facility. It this a normal situation? Could it be a problem with the cd reader? itunes? The error message itself is not helpful. Both cds play fine. Thanks, Art
My guess would be that the transport mechanism in your computer is malfunctioning, or simply ultra-sensitive.

First I would try giving the CDs a thorough cleaning, even if they look ok. If the transport is exteremely sensitive, this might help.

If that doesn't do the trick, you might need to get a tech guy to look at the transport.

Does the drive make any strange sounds when it tries to burn those two CDs?
This will happen occassionally and I suspect the fault rests with the CDs. iTunes will correctly transfer say 10 songs, but the 11th song just won't transfer. If I play the CD on the computer drive it functions fine and all the songs are recognized and played. My experience is that it's very rare, but it does happen. I have no solution.
First, always use error correction. It will make ripping a little slower but increase the sound quality...every little "bit" helps. I have never had a cd that iTunes would not read all the way thru..I also suspect a dirty or scratched disc...polish it up. If that doesn't do it, I would look at the cd rom drive.
I have also had this to happen on some music CDs--usually the last track. This may be a copy protection issue. Try it in another (different brand) drive if possible. Try updating the drive's firmware. -O
Thanks for your suggestions. The problem seems to be less now. I suspect intermittent drive malfunction, perhaps related to heat buildup in my Thinkpad. We shall see.