iTunes and WAV file handling

I have my PC music collection as WAV files stored using MusicMatch Jukebox, and that works reasonably well.

I've been playing around with using iTunes to manage the collection, but it doesn't seem to acknowledge tags in WAV files. I understand that this is a known issue with iTunes.

Does anyone know of a workaround, or do I need to export the library as MP3's for iTunes use?

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This is not a "known issue with tags in wav files," it is a known issue with wav files not supporting tagging. MM creates a database that associates metadata with files, but it is a database unique to MM. It can't be exported.

The difference is that file formats like mp3, Apple Lossless, AAC, FLAC and countless others incorporate the metadata into the file itself. You can move the file, copy it, send it to a friend, and all the data will go with it. Wav files do not have standard fields for storing that, so it is not inherent to the file.

There may be ways around it. If your files are stored in Artist/Album/SongTitle.wav format, you can use certain Applescript utilities (or java applets) to create database entries for iTunes from the directory structure. Again, these are not "tags," but it will allow you to create a referenceable database within iTunes.

Note that even with formats that support tagging, not all data in a database file is tag data. For example, you can associate album art with a song in iTunes, but that is not written into the file tag--it exists solely as a function of the XML database iTunes uses. Same, I believe, with such things as "date added," "last played," etc.