ittok headshell leads

i have looked everywhere for a diagram showing the connections on the ittok to no avail. so.. looking at the front of the arm is it logical ? right upper pin = right hot
right bottom pin= right channel grnd, left upper pin = left hot and left bottom pin=left channel grnd. is my assumption correct ?
Take an ohm meter, and set it on resistance. Touch one lead to one of the pins, and the other lead to the RCA plugs, each center pin, and each ground shell. When you find the corresponing part of the RCA plug that swings the meter, you have found what the lead is. Do this for all 4 headshell connectors, and you have identified them all.

For example, if you touch the top left pin, and it swings the meter when you touch the left channel center pin on the RCA plug, then you know that pin goes to left hot. etc.

This is right out of the Ittok LV-II set-up manual.

Red - Right POS.
Green - Right Ground
White - Left Pos.
Blue - Left Ground

Hope this helps.