Its Xmas time & My Merlin TSM-M Woofer is blown

What a christmas... No Tsm-M?? I have been raving about my sound system to all of my family and friend and one of my tsm-m woofer are blown. All of them will be at my house on christmas. Everytime it plays a low note it blaaaas and blaaaas... I grew up and work in a part of town where people do not know what audiophile mean( New Orleans). They think hi fidelity is Bose or infinity. I am not going to be able to justify spending this kind of money on a system that can't play. When some one ask me to turn on the music. How can I tell them, one of the speakers are blown. The puzzling thing is I do not listen to my music at high level. My Tsm-m's are 2 years old and uses the MW 164 pulp cone woofer. Can I replace the (MW 164) woofer with another (MW 164) woofer. Will there be an audible difference in the sound quality. Is there a solution for this madness? Please help!!!
My system consist of:

Speakers= Merlin TSM-M,
integrated amp= DK design MK II,
Cd Player=YBA integre cd player,
speakers cables= audioquest forest,
interconnects= aural thrill air golds interconnects

A Decent start up system
Call Bobby at Merlin, STAT! Also, I wouldn't worry about justifying anything to your relatives. Just tell 'em you're saving up for a Bose Wave Radio!
Sorry to hear that.Second above poster,Bobby is always there for us.How did you like the sound before?Have you tried out many other amps,sources etc. with them?Bob
On Christmas eve Bobby responded to my email and gave me a solution to this issue. It was a blessed Christmas afterall.
I had a similar situation where my pre/pro went CRAZY and decided to output a demonic screetching sound at a level far beyond the maximum output it is usually capable of. I thought I blew an esotar tweeter, so I called bobby. He OVERNIGHTED a replacement cap and solder free of charge.

It doesn't get any better than that...