Its time to try a tube amp...


I have a question which may sound weird for some of you guys but here goes: I have a 2 channel / HT setup (Jmlab Electra 926, CC30 and 905; Integra Research RDC 7; EC EMC1; Elektra Reference 6 channel amp; Toshiba SD 9200; Transparent and MIT cables) which I use for both music and HT and I am very happy with (all bought on audiogon with some great advice). However, since my speakers are supposed to be very efficient I want to try tubes (which I have never used and know very little about…). I have listed to a very expensive tube amp once (with Mezzo Utopia) and just loved it and its time to give tubes a try…. So – my questions are as follows:

1. Is there a way to integrate two amps (the multi channel Elektra and a new tube amp) into one setup without having to change connections every time? (i.e., I want to be able to use the tube amp for 2 channels and the multi channel SS for DVD-A and movies). Will a tube amp work well with a digital processor such as the Integra? (which is great for 2 channels to me, but I am no expert).

2. If there is, any recommendations for a nice “beginner” tube amp that would go well with my setup (price range is about 1K)? I listen mostly to jazz and vocals.

I would be happy to receive any input. Thanks in advance for any input or comments.


raananlerner ideas whatsoever? Does this mean this cannot be done?
Hello Raanan,

I am also a bit surprised that you have not gotten any feedback. After reading your post, I am not quite sure what you are hoping to do. Although I am far from the ultimate expert, you should be able to use the preamp outputs for use with a 2 channel tube amp. Always a factor is to match the output levels when using 2 amps. Also a factor is the fact that the amps may sound too different to match well. Many use a SS amp for the sub and tubes for the uppers. This is an approach that works well for many but, I gather that you are trying to do something else. I currently own a Decware tube amp and am very pleased. Efficeincy over 92db is required with them as a general guideline. If you have the option, try to borrow a tube amp first to see if it is to your liking.

good luck, Paul

I have an Outlaw 1050 processor and have been using an older Carver to drive the mains, JM Lab Cobalt 816's, for some time. You can indeed run a seperate two channel amp using your pre amp outs on your processor. I am replacing the Carver with a Jolida JD 202A with a Parts Connexion mod. I got the amp from Walter at, simply a great guy to do business with and highly regarded here on AudiogoN. Sounds like the amp is in your budget too, $1040.00. Check it out, it's a great little tube amp. Here's a link to an online review of this amp.

Good luck,