Its the recording stupid!!

How many times have you been listening to your stereo and you now somethings off. It just doesn't sound good like it should. You put on another recording and the same thing so you fiddle and rearrange something. All of a sudden a lightbulb goes off in your head. "Its the recording stupid!" You put on Aja by Steely Dan and everything is good again!
It's a chance for me to repeat: Stop chasing tweaks, start chasing great recordings!
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Oh dear, another one of those  subjects.

Since I don't a have a tape copy off the master I can play on a Studer, I settle for my AB1006. It had to be sifted thru a few other $3-5 bin buys. A stamper within a $20-30 process. Ridiculous? Yes, when "the one" is found, your speakers do all that audiophile baloney.

Aja? umm....well alright. I default to the first 3.

Best to just absorb the music.
Some recordings just plain sound better than others. Bottom line. I now find really poor recording hard to listen to. I get what the OP is saying. But I know it is not my system. I have certain high quality recordings that I play sometimes to remind myself just how good my system sounds.....tom me.