iTouch-MacMini w/ Mocha VNC lite & Chicken of VNC


I have an ATT wireless router/firewall DSL (newest version).

My iTouch receives mail and controls iTunes fine with Apple's "Remote".

The MacMini flies with the wireless just fine... websurfing, Rhapsody, Pandora, iTunes are just fine.

The problem: I cannot get Chicken of the VNC on the MacMini and Mocha VNC lite on the iTouch to connect.

I want to use the iTouch as a vitural screen for my music system, controlling Rhapsody, iTunes, Pandora, etc. remotely from my listening chair.

Help making this connection is sincerely appreciated.

I suspect it has something to do with the firewall.

(By the way, I'm playing through an Ultrafi iRoc USB DAC and the results are very pleasing.)
Is this the ipod touch you are talking about?

Yes, the newest iTouch... this one's 8 gigs.

and the newest MacMini... both softwares completely up2date.
Wouldn't you just want to run COVNC on the itouch to connect with the mini? That is how I have it running on my laptop and it works fine (with a little lag however)
I finally figured it out.

COVNC is *not* needed.

The Apple X.5.4 OS with its sharing correctly configured takes care of the connection with the iTouch through Mocha VNC lite just fine.

The Mocha people are great. A big public thanks to them for their SW and their support!
I want to be able to control pandora from my itouch. { ie forward songs, thumbs up.etc}
I downloaded it on my itouch and it works on there, but i am wanting to basically use my itouch as a remote. I don't want to have my projector on all the time to control Pandora. Is there a way to use the itouch to remote control the pandora on my mac mini?

I am going from my mini to a paradesea dac with usb btw. Thanks guys.
If you upgrade to Pandora one, can you kip unlimited songs or is there a limit as with the free version?