Items for sale without remotes.

Believe what you like and Buyer beware.   Most that live in cities of any size have pawn shops.  AudiogoN seems to have very few items for sale without remotes, but a few.  ebay and pawn shops have many items being sold without remotes.  If you choose to believe that audiophiles are forgetful slobs that loose remotes routienly, then good for you.  However I have never bought a used piece of high end audio gear without remotes and have never sold one that way either.   And it you believe that nicer high end items are never stolen, then I have an island in NYC I would like to sell you, and a used Porsche Speedster that a little old lady only drove to church on Sundays. 
I bought a marantz preamp,without a remote 7 years ago and still haven't found a replacement...
I have a Esoteric DV-50 I need to sell but the remote is damaged.  Thanks for the options Agon'er's.