Items for sale without remotes.

Believe what you like and Buyer beware.   Most that live in cities of any size have pawn shops.  AudiogoN seems to have very few items for sale without remotes, but a few.  ebay and pawn shops have many items being sold without remotes.  If you choose to believe that audiophiles are forgetful slobs that loose remotes routienly, then good for you.  However I have never bought a used piece of high end audio gear without remotes and have never sold one that way either.   And it you believe that nicer high end items are never stolen, then I have an island in NYC I would like to sell you, and a used Porsche Speedster that a little old lady only drove to church on Sundays. 
Interesting topic in the sense who’s still using stock this day and age where everything can be controlled by a single app. I have not used original remotes supplied with my electronics in over a decade.

All electronics in my system are controlled by Harmony App.  Last thing I want to do is clutter my man cave with remotes 😉

If the island is Manhattan, I will give you twice as meany beads for it as the last guy.
This is an interesting topic.  I have been seeing a ton of stuff being put up for sale by TMR Audio without remotes.  Even more expensive stuff.  But I agree with whatjd.  Any audiophile who loses a remote is just stupid.  What sort of events lead to something like this?  One idea that comes to mind is stolen equipment.
This issue was discussed in 2018 in the following thread, which you also started:

My comment in that thread:

One reason a seller may not have the remote, at least in the case of an older piece, is that at some point in the past he or she may have left its batteries in too long and they leaked. Which might have created such a mess on the terminals and elsewhere inside that it was thrown out.

Another possibility is that a remote was discarded simply because it no longer worked, and the owner chose not to replace it. Or the receiving transducer or related circuitry in the component no longer worked, and the owner erroneously assumed that the remote itself was at fault.

Although it hasn’t happened to me too often, over the years I have experienced multiple failures of both remotes and the related receiving circuitry in components.

-- Al

I've lost remotes, broken remotes, and had remotes stop working. Never lost a main system remote, but I tend to not use the remotes in secondary or small room systems, and they can disappear after months or years...
just last night found my CD transport remote, gone for a few months, for the transport I use on my another room...

The chances of the OP believing any of the suggested scenarios above is remote ... to love the "remote possibilities" thought..., or is that lack of thought? I am so confused. I am sure there are honest elected officials that could straighten me out. Ouch, somtimes when I put my "tounge in cheek" I end up biting it.
As far as my ownership and selling of the NYC island, I was thinking of some beads and trinkets.

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To replace a remote is to be remotivated.
To repair the castle moat is to remoat. 
To find bovines in far off places is to hear remote cowbells. 
I have an affliction. 
Wow, so the assumption is that items sold without remotes must be stolen then. I don’t use the individual remotes much and I’m not the most organized in keeping up with remotes that I may not have used in years,if ever. Trying to figure out where I put one after years have gone by without tearing apart the house dosnt make much sense. I suppose I’d have to try to buy a new one from the manufacturer if still avaible so people don’t think It’s stolen if I ever want to sell. Sounds like I might be lone audiophile who dosnt keep up with remotes based on what I see posted here. Lol
OP makes a good point.  I havnt used a stock remote in 15 years or so but I have every one and have always included them when my gear moves to the next person. 
I had two dogs a few years back and one of them munched on three remotes and an IPad.  The remotes were all in different places that were supposed to be safe from nosey puppies. I can easily see someone selling something without a remote.


     I tend to steal a lot of hi-end stereo equipment and it really ticks me off when these audio nerds don't leave the remotes conveniently nearby.
    I've also have about a dozen nuclear warheads without their trigger mechanisms.

    What is it with you people!?!  
     Thoughtless or just careless?

I have a Sony cd player for sale on Craigslist now, with no remote and I am pretty sure I didn't steal it.
Stolen items at a pawn shop?  Who woulda thunk it?  That's the last place I'd take stolen items because... that's where everyone takes their stolen items.
An interesting thread as a "heads up" about missing remotes being taken by some as a personal attack on themselves and thier "remotes" status.   It would seem that doing reasearch on all threads and all replies for a book on the human condition as related to Audiopiles would be less than a challenge. 
No, I think it is more like you are underestimating the intelligence of your audience here.
I would think your depth of thought would allow you to sleep in peace thinking of sugar plums....etc. 
I see the OP’s point, but I have the opposite problem — I tend to misplace remote controls, so when I get new equipment I stow the remote away (sans batteries) and operate the equipment from the console switches/knobs.  Then, when the equipment gets so old or is not worth fixing, I get rid of it.  Sometime later I am looking for something and come across remotes for equipment I no longer have.

I have lended equipment to family members to use, but I always keep the remotes because I know such things will get lost or broken. I’m no fool!
I like being 'remote-less', surrounded by devices with few or no knobs, switches.....I become relentless, flashing IR lights in arcane patterns..... 

Some work in ways one didn't expect.....

...the last equinox, flashing randomly, the DVIdiot appeared....chided me for useless coding, and introduced me to...The Way.

Now, I have Perfect Reproduction.*S*

..I just don't know what to do with all these drones....😜
I once tried to invent a remote that would work on your mate, but only two functions.....volume and mute.  It never got into production but I did get a good amount from  a company for the idea.  
Damn Duracell batteries!   Leaked and ruined a number of my remotes.  No other brand over the last 30 years ever leaked no matter how cheap or no brand they were.  Bastards
Duracell, you mean "the copper top battery".  Wow was the world ever that simple minded that your main push on marketing a battery was the color on the upper side of the battery.  I guess Audio Research should have marketed their early items as the "Silver front with black handles gear"
Never had a problem with Duracell. But I do have a drawer full of remotes that I have no idea what component they’re for...
I bought a marantz preamp,without a remote 7 years ago and still haven't found a replacement...
I have a Esoteric DV-50 I need to sell but the remote is damaged.  Thanks for the options Agon'er's.