Items for sale here and on ebay without remotes....

Do people understand that many of these items may be stolen?  No time to find the remote in the theft.  By no means all, but especially on ebay the number of units without remotes is amazingly high.  

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I, on the other hand, am always very suspicious of people selling remotes without the associated equipment.  
Talk about your petty theft.  
But seriously, sometimes remotes just crap out. I've had a couple of remotes that had a button or two stop functioning.  If equipment is older, you can't buy a replacement, and the remote is for convenience & not essential; I just toss it out.  
The garage sale catagory is very valid if you also include Estate Sales. The audiophile demographic is skewing older and older, and  when the owners passes on the rest of the family (or the Estate Sale Shop) has no idea "What does this remote go with".
I've also had bad battery experience at least once, so maybe I'll just replace all my batteries in the next few weeks.  Thanks Al.