Items for sale here and on ebay without remotes....

Do people understand that many of these items may be stolen?  No time to find the remote in the theft.  By no means all, but especially on ebay the number of units without remotes is amazingly high.  

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Seems to me, if the thief can't find the remote, it was probably already lost. 

Folks are stealing my remote around here all the time. Daily!

But seriously, thinking like a thief, if I am stealing, components hooked up, it's likely easy to find the remote pile, and I'm taking that too. OR, I think what happens a lot, the component is in a box or packaged ready, in which case, the remote is there with it. 

And come to think of it, I bet in actual reality, people maybe steal more remotes than equipment. don't think missing remote is any indication of a component being stolen.