Italian speakers:Sonus Faber,Chario,Diapason,Opera

I want to hear from those of you who have owned different Italian speakers from Sonus Faber, Diapason, Chario, or Opera. Which one is your favorite and why? We all know that Sonus Faber is by far the most popular in the US, but has anyone had a pair of one of the other 3 and liked them better? I have owned Sonus Faber Extrema, Guarneri Homage, EAI, and Diapason Adamantes III in the past. My favorite was the SF Extrema, but the Diapason Admantes were IMHO the best looking of the bunch. I don't want to hear from SF lovers who have never heard one of the other 3 speakers. I know SF well enough, just want to see if any others like one of the other Italian speakers better.
Nobody has ever compared these speakers?
The problem is other then Sonus Faber the other 3 don't have many US dealers. Even if a dealer has heard them at various shows, they usually won't talk/praise about what they don't sell. Contact Audiowaves since they sell both Opera and Diapason. Also check audio dealers in Ontario(Canada) since they import more Euro products then the US. Hope this helps.
Soundings HiFi 303-759-5505 in Denver carries the Chario's. They are magnificent!
Fidelis in Nashua NH sellsh Opera and used to sell Sonus Faber. They might offer an opinion.
Upscale Audio in Upland, Ca has Opera and Sonus Faber.

The problem with the brand comparison you seek IMHO is that SF has changed its "house sound" pretty radically over the years. I've had a pair of Minuettos in my office for over 20 years and a pair of Cremonas in my living room for the last 7 or so. IMHO, the "romantic" sound of the SF line in the early years has been replaced by a much more neutral sonic signature of late.

The Opera line - on the couple of occasions that I've heard it - has consistently fallen somewhere in between, tho to my ear closer to the early SF sound.

I don't want to overstate that conclusion about the comparison of the two brands. It's more of an impression than anything else because my auditions were not extended, price controlled, or particularly focused. In the end, however, that was my take - FWIW.
I wasn't really looking for any expert opinions from reviewers or dealers who sell the lines. Just curious if there are others who have used each brand and compared them. Like I said, the only other line I tried were the Diapasons and I really liked them.
I'm a Chario Ursa Major owner myself, following some extensive comparisons to similarly priced offerings from SF (Cremona) and Opera (Grand Callas); all three are beautifully built and finished, share many common traits sound wise but it was the slightly better bass speed and extension of the Charios that proved the clincher for me. That being said, I have lately been very impressed by offerings from even lesser known Italian brands such as Eventus (the Metis is a sublime speaker) and Rosso Fiorentino.
I have a pair of Chario Academy 1's. They are the best speakers I've owned and are my favorites. Probably close to SF earlier as stated above 'romantic' house sound.
How can you not add Franco Serblin speakers to this of italian speakers? No, they not SF speakers.
Harris4crna - Unfortunately, Serblin passed away last year.
Dtc, true, but both the Ktemas and Accordos are still in production. Maximillo, the nephew took over the company. I have a pair of Ktemas. Best speakers i have ever heard. If talking italian speakers, FS should be in the conversation.
True, he did pass away last year, but his speakers are still in production. His nephew took over the company. There will be a review of the accordos in the next Tone publication. Best sounding italian speakers i have heard and i did a A/B comparison side by side with the stradavaris and the ktema. But, i am bias since i walked away with the Ktemas that day in Italy.
Very HiEnd Italian speakers:

5.Rosso Fiorentino [ getting a lot of buzz]

I have heard the EMME Beta and the Eventus Metis in Milan. Both fabulous speakers. I am sure Rosso Fiorentino is now being imported into the USA. Whether the rest are imported into the USA I do not know.
Albedo is imported by Stereodesk in Cambridge, Mass.
Srajan just bought a pair describing them as mind blowing.
Albedo is imported by Stereodesk in Cambridge, Mass.
Srajan just bought a pair describing them as mind blowing.