Italian recordings poor music reproduction ?

Is it just me or my rig sounds pretty bad when I listen to certain italian recordings

You would think that the CD reproduction from Europe would be just as good a North American recordings

My system sounds like a cheap 20 dollar transistor radio
When I listen to such artists as Claudio Baglioni or Toto Cotugno the highs are smeared and the bass is bloated and the vocals seem to be overemphasized

This got me worried to ensure It wasn't my system I dropped in some Dire Straits and the music came back as I remember it

Anybody experience anything similar
I have a few bootlegs pressed in Italy. They sound horrible as they are very poorly recorded. I can't compare commercial grade recording since I don't own any. I don't spend too much time listening to the bootlegs either. Transistor radio? That's very well put!
Thx Zenieth for your input

It's really a shame as the music is quite good
The recordings IMO are not up to snuff

To add insult to injury these compact disks are expensive approx 28 percent higher than your average disk found in North America
I have seen a few and they are pricey. I beleive the bootlegs were illegal recordings. Mic under a jacket would not make the best sound reproduction. You even have so called "Premium" pressings done half speed with master tapes that are "poor" in my opinion. I guess it's all about what your own ears hear! My hearing isn't that good anymore but I can still pick out "poorly made" recordings!