It was 40 years ago today.....

40 days ago to the day I bought Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and I remember we were floored listening to it that night. Tonight I will get out the ol vinyl copy, celebrate and "take the time for a number of things - that weren't important yesterday"...... this one for sure is and will always be!
anyone who loves the beatles, can't imagine the excitement that record caused. artists, kids in every community, dj's, the music press and news press,parents, teachers, the film community.....lord, everyone was stunned. the band, the album and its place in well as the original summer of love....its impossible to convey just how far reaching its impact on everyone around the world was. enjoy it my friend...and arrive without traveling.
i envy that you got to experience Sgt Pepper's in "real time." It is my favorite, but it only became so many years after its release.

What pressing will you be listening to/which is your favorite?
Wow! What great memories! I remember my brothers and I listening to Sgt. Pepper all the time that summer; and just being thrilled with what appeared to be (and, actually, was) such creative, exciting, strange, and different music (I think *some* of the appeal is how varied the music is, and *yet* how it "held together" so well). I have memories of how my parents even liked it!! That seemed new and strange to me too - and, truthfully, it was probably primarily "When I'm 64" and "Rita" that they really noticed a lot. Anyway, I was 19, and my brothers were 16 and 14. I'd had my mind blown out in '64 (but not in a car), of course, hearing the first record and seeing them on Ed Sullivan. Even so, this was something entirely new and mysterious.

Thanks for starting this thread.
I must be in the minority. I like the LP, alot, but don't consider it the greatest LP of all time. I don't even think it the best Beatles LP. When playing the Beatles I will always go for Rubber Soul, Revolver and Abbey Road before SPLHCB. I do understand the cultural and artistic significance of the record and how it changed the concept of using the studio as an artistic tool.
the newer emi uk or japanese pressings are fine....i can remember kids in my hometown record store discussing the signifigance of each and every person on the album's cover....a pop culture history lesson had by thousands at the same time....and lyrics on an album sleeve, and a custom label and cut outs....the lp as an 'official' feature length experience!
@Jeffrey: I am running the original Capitol Record which I bought that very day here in Germany. Other than that I have the Japanese CD - God knows how these technicians did what they did: an absolutely thrilling hearing experience is the result! I'd love to see George Martin ans his son continuing the work they started with LOVE which is a similar high end experience.
@ Narrod: no problem! I consider Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt.Pepper, parts of the White Album and parts of Abbey Road being the Opus Magnum "in total" of the Beatles' work. In a way some songs on Rubber Soul are the best what they ever did, but I tend to see the context - and there is quite some of it in SP. And imagine Strawberry, Penny Lane and Walrus would have been included in Sgt. Pepper - that would have been too much, right?
Greatest Band of All Time. Yes, that was a special release, talk about "word of mouth" spreading the gospel.

I usually spin them most weekends but tonight I will break out the UHQR Pepper and have all the justification I ever needed for spending coin on stereo equipment.

Have Fun!
Tonight I will open my Japanese Blue Set and play Sgt for the first time. I was only 6 but I remember Dad telling me it was going to be an important album. Now I'm Dad telling my kids that OK Computer was only the beginning.
Has anyone compared the MONO mix with the STEREO mix?
If you have not read it, a suggestion:
The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions - The Official Story of the Abbey Road years 1962 - 1970 by Mark Lewisohn. Coypright 1988 EMI Records, Ltd. Originally published in 1988 by Hamlyn. SPLHCB was a watershed in their career.
I've been thinking about listening to Sgt. Pepper all day! Even considering hooking up my turntable to listen to the vinyl copy I purchased sometime around 74 after wearing out the original lp I had in 68. Maybe I'll just listen to the cd while looking at the lp cover.
Oh the memories. I had a friend at the time who had come home for the summer in 67 from a private school in PA. He had a copy of SPLHCB that we listened to over and over.
While I certainly remember this record;where I was when I first heard it and such; the White Album I remember even more vividly. It was being played, non stop on just about all the good radio stations.---(jeez, how'd I get this old?)
Personally, I preferred the early Beatles when they were playing what George Harrison once called "those same ten dopey tunes". Oh well, you can't deny the significance of Sgt. Pepper to the musical development of the Beatles and others, and the context of the album in its time. I guess I'll have to pull it out and give it a spin on the 'table tonight.
"A splendid time is guaranteed for all............"
What I remember about the album is when they played the opening track SPLHCB whether it was AM/FM they always let it run into "I get by with a little help from my friends." To this day i don't believe there was a song where two songs were run concurrent as one. It was like a mini opus. My dad loved this song esp. when Ringo came in RIP dad .
Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was one of my favorite groups of all time, right up there with The Dukes of Stratosphear, or maybe The Hindu Love gods! ;^)

Seriously, one of the mind blowing Lps of my youth. I think we first listed to a Mono copy. Very cool. *****

My Dad dug the album too. I think that was one of my first records we found common ground on.

Anybody running the OMR UHQR?

Happy Listening!
I did not know about the 40 yr anniverary of Sgt Pepper but something made me put on "Concert for Bangladesh". I admired George a lot. Now I gotta find the Pepper. Thanks.

06-01-07: Timrhu
I've been thinking about listening to Sgt. Pepper all day! Even considering hooking up my turntable to listen to the vinyl copy I purchased sometime around 74 after wearing out the original lp I had in 68. Maybe I'll just listen to the cd while looking at the lp cover.
I don't want to start any kind of CD vs. LP flame war, but I hope you hooked up your turntable. I have the CD of Pepper but I'll pass on that. I find the LPs to have so much more emotional connection and "in the room" sensation.

Plus, the Beatles are so great I think it's worthwhile to re-experience the physical involvement of playing an LP when it's the Beatles. The acts of cueing the stylus and flipping the record both help me relive the total experience.
Too lazy. You are correct though as far as emotional involvement. On the other hand, there are aspects the cd brings out such as Paul's gorgeous bass playing on "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" that aren't evident on the lp.
SPLHCB was the first album I ever purchased!