It was 20 years ago today...

...that I joined the Audiogon community. Cheers to those that have just hit the big two oh, those that are about to, and the new members just starting the journey to connect in even better ways with the music that they love.

And my thoughts are with those that have left us and passed on. Patrick, I really miss you.
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BTW, Anyone know when our little club house was launched?

Hard to tell anymore. Several years ago when Audiogon changed the format many of the members actual start dates were lost in the change over from the old to the new.

albertporter start date September 29, 1999.

audiogon start date says July 17, 2010.
Looking at audiogon discussion posts it shows his first post on January 31, 1999

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Congratulations to a fine contributor.

My start date is not correct, but I cannot imagine that it's been 20 years yet.  Maybe 15?
Cornfedboy has a start date of April 05, 2002. He's the oldest one I remember.
Happy Anniversary Viridian! This December 18th will mark 20 years for me here as well. It's been a lot of fun indeed and many member missed. And always nice to see a posting from you Viridian.