It Turns Out...

that the "D" board on my Sony 40" is going south causing the 6-7 flashing light fault code. I can move 400+ pounds of TV/stand, remove the back cover and get someone to de-solder/re-solder the old and new chips(I hate soldering), I can spend $110 on a new board and try to install it with my VERY Large Hands(so I've been told by Women...:}), pay a repair tech under-the-table or come into the 21st Century with $$$'s I currently don't have(long story concerning the V.A.
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$$$ you don't have ??? Looking at your system you have about the most stuff I have ever seen on here, and some fairly expensive and you don't have $$$. Maybe I'm missing something but I Don't have much $$$ either but I still could afford a 46 inch lcd for $650. Or is it you need a $5000 40 inch replacement tv ???
In the end, it might end up costing you $200 or $300 to repair the old Sony, when for another $300 you could buy a 42" or 47" Panasonic that will knock you over with how good they are. I'd go new if I was in your position.
I'm prety sure he is reffering to the 40inch XBR CRT television that Sony put out about ten years ago. I've never come across even an early generation 40inch plasma tv stand included that came to over 400 pounds. I used to own the 36inch Sony XBR Wega from around the same time as your tv and I read so much about the superiority of CRT versus plasma and LCD. This may have been treue several years ago but when my properly set up and proffesionaly ISF claibrated XBR died last year I purchased a 55inch Toshiba Regza 120hz LED tv that uncalibrated completely smokes my old XBR Wega. It is absolutely no contest.

To replace your behemoth 40 inch CRT, however, with something of comparable picture quality will take more than $300 as the equivilant screen height of a widescreen display compared to a 4:3 CRT you would need soemthing 55 inches or bigger. My 55 inch LED has only a slightly larger viewing area, height wise than my old 36 inch CRT display.
LED's are now in the dump the repair, buy new category.