It takes time to get the stink out of your ear

Have you ever listened to a horrible sounding recording and it had an effect on the next recording(s) you listened to? It’s as if you had to get the stink out of your ear?
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Not for a long time now. I know which ones to avoid and if I make a change in my system or try a new tweak, I'll break out an old baddie and see how it sounds. 

If there's no improvement, out it comes and in goes something I know will sound good.

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Not at all tbh, in fact just the opposite.

It’s a relief to hear a great recording after a poor one and just soothes the soul and lifts me up.
So nope can’t say as it effects me like that at all.

But if we were all the same it would be a VERY boring world indeed!
The same applies to bad gear IMHO.  At first clarity of new Benchmark DAC, felt strange.  I had impression that some instruments are missing.  I had to get used to it (learn to listen).  Others must've felt the same since one person commented "I can hear each instrument and I used to hear them together" (sound blob).  Another person asked how to make sound warmer and less resolving (blanket over speakers?).  Sound with added distortions or noise appears more vivid/dynamic, like distorted guitar vs clean Jazz guitar at the same volume.  We can hear what it should sound like at live performance, but at home we got used to different sound as a reference point.  It takes time to get the stink out of our ears (learn to listen).  
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I've had this work both ways. I've listened to a great system, then gotten in a car and noticed my ears were now more willing to pick up notes I'd otherwise not.

Our ear/brain mechanism is inconstant flux.
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NO never happen to me.
Never happened to me either. Maybe the OP played another bad recording after the first?