it sounds different...

good day. just want to clear up things. i have a denon 2700 receiver, rotel 951 cdp, and aegis one spkrs. question is this: why do i get a different sound when i hook up my cdp to other inputs? i get a different sound when my cdp is hooked to the cd input and when i tried hooking it up to the vcr1/aux input, it sounded different? anyone already experienced this? any thoughts would be highly appreciated. thanx....
The inputs are probably set at different levels. Like calibrating the speakers, you should be able to increase/decrease the level coming from each of the inputs.

The VCR input is probably matched to give the same dialog volume as the CDP. Of course, the CDP has a higher dynamic range, so it would need a different setting than the VCR.
thanx mrp., yeah...i think i calibrated those two inputs differently. btw mrp., i do have one more problem. why does my receiver sometimes 'overload' even if i'm playing on stereo mode with a modest volume. in one of my cds, the overload blinks even if i turn down the volume all the way down! what gives? anyway, thanks for the information mrp.
The overload could be in the input of the receiver. Compare the output voltage of the CD player with the input sensitivity of the receiver.

I think that CDP is similar to a RCD-971 (I have one of those) without looking at the spec sheet, I think the output voltage is around 200mv. Thats fairly low and shouldnt cause any trouble unless your Receivers input sensitivity is lower.

Is it causing audible distortion?
thanx distortion...anyway, it isn't causing any distortion at all. i've read in one website that the cause of such overload maybe due to the transitors of the cd input failing. the moderator advised that the cd be tried on other inputs, which i did. right now, it's fine. i wonder what really caused that overload problem? my cdp now is connected to the cd input. thanx for the help guys....